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What have you found lately?

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This is the Thread for your Hauls...Walmart...Target...Flea Market...Ebay etc....

Showroom Thread is for Modified cars only...

Peace and Speed 

These were snatched off them for the Gold Lace GMS packages 

...hopefully some rollers 

This will eventually be in the Showroom likely the attributes of this casting 

Could be modded soon or just wheel swapped out? Who knows? It may be racey. Gotta love a color shifter on a set of OH5s.

Found this green Nerve Hammer and 3 blue ones. Gonna run them down the track and gauge their potential. I love that wheel size and the fact their all the same size.

Was just talking about these. Fresh off of EBay auction. Coming to a Redline Derby event near you.

$13.25...shipping included.

Now I can Build my Union 76 to dig outa few more FTE Superbird's and do some Wheel Farming...looking forward to it.

  • I know you’re gonna get that nice looking 76 where it needs to be. Can’t wait to see it — BlueLineRacing

Starburst haul. Coming to a race near you.

Some more for the CS Farm

Possible options for the RLDRL October.

Trick or Treat!!!

Picked up this lot yesterday. Some for fun, some for modding, some just cause I thought they were cool :)

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ChiefWopahoo 10/4/20
2020 Rated Rookie

C'mon, they have to be fast, fast, fast! The box says so. 

  • Man, I'd buy those for the wheels/rims alone :) — Chaos_Canyon
  • It has 3 "fasts" man! That's insane! — redlinederby
  • Exactly!! Gotta be the Fastest! — ChiefWopahoo
  • The wheel are kinda cool though. Same ones that are on the AcceleRacers. — ChiefWopahoo

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