Redline Derby decals for your cars, now in the store

redlinederby Monday, 11/30/2020
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I'm happy to share that you can now get Redline Derby Racing logo water slide decals in the RLD Store. They're a great way to show your support for RLD and the diecast racing hobby. 

Order your Redline Derby decals

These are your standard issue water slide decals that you've probably used before when making model kits or even your own diecast customs. Each sheet has 60+ logos for all sorts of vehicle sizes...for cars, trucks, haulers, and probably even a monster truck!

And better yet, these decals were made in partnership with My Custom Hot Wheels. These are quality decals made with care by the pros that know a thing or two about customizing cars. If you haven't checked out MCHW before, do so and be inspired...and maybe order another decal set.

Whether you're an super customizer or just someone looking to give their stock cars a little something extra, consider adding a badge of pride with some Redline Derby Racing decals. Order yours now and look for them as prizes in upcoming races.


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SpyDude 11/30/20

Those are really nice!

  • Thanks. My Custom Hot Wheels did a great job on printing. The slide of easy and go on smooth. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 11/30/20

They look great. 

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Peter_Bee 12/9/20

I ordered a sheet. It will add a touch of class to my cars.

  • Thanks, Peter. They'll be on their way soon. — redlinederby
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