Redline Derby Racing 2020 racing season

LeagueofSpeed Friday, 7/5/2019
Event coordinator

Welcome to the RLD 2020 Racing Season official thread ...we're going to race for 12 months and claim a Champion at years end!!! 

 To participate you must be a registered member of Redline Derby and to host a race...your track must be listed in the track directory.

This will be a cumulative points season...each individual race won will be worth a point...just like our Summer Racing Series...there will be one race each month...racers must send in a different car each month...1 car per racer.

Mods and Stocks will go head to head...plenty of fast Stocks out there...Front Runnin Fairmont, Turbolence, Shadow Jet, Jet Threat just to name a few...a modern mainline off the pegs most likely won't be competitive.

Modified will be classed at 57g and Stock will be classed at 65g...I believe that will be a very competitive format.

Be sure to post your interest in racing and hosting here in this thread...see ya in the Fast Lane in 2020....we'll be opening on Quest Speedway in January...the Legion of Speed will be gunning for the Title!!!


I want to host and race.

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72_Chevy_C10 7/5/19
Event coordinator

Interesting idea...I should, probably, start building cars now :) 

So, I'm guessing, that the cars won't have any type of theme...whatever we want to build? Any restrictions other than 57 grams? Maximum length?

Thanks! I'm only asking because I know I would be able to keep up to making a car a month. But, it I had some cars ready beforehand, I could have a horse in each race :)

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LeagueofSpeed 7/5/19
Event coordinator

Correct..57g what you like....Stocks...if there 65g or less bring it...sure will see some JL  BWF Camaro trying to get some points. 

Definitely want to participate, have my inaugural slew of cars that are going to be sent out in the next week or two, and in the process of constructing a scale, 1/8 mile & 1/4 mile drag strip that will be ready to host next season.

  • looking forward to the new tracks and lining up against you — LeagueofSpeed
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LeagueofSpeed 7/7/19
Event coordinator

Please do note that I consider the Zoom In casting to be in another seperate class right now that is outside of Modified take note..NO Zoom In 57g Mods or straight Stocks will be allowed in the 2020 Racing Season.

Thanks for your Attention on the Matter...

Peace and Speed - League of Speed

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