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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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G_ForceRacing 11/20/23

Going to Bolo Browns Hot Pursuit... catch me if you can coppers!! 

Here it is at Bolo's track, after  I detailed it... (Photo courtesy Bolo Brown)

  • color change paint? I like the black/bronze thing going on. very nice — dr_dodge
  • Crazy thing is, I was going to paint it metallic red with gold trim, but the red paint recommended a black primer. After priming it and applying the gold, I thought it looked great so I clear coated it and left it, turned out nice. Funny how that works sometimes — G_ForceRacing
  • it looks very "light reactive" from the pics — dr_dodge
  • yes the top is darker than it appears... should look good on the track! — G_ForceRacing
  • Nice! — StrayDog
  • Best of luck g-force. Hope that BMW has enough horsepower to avoid the impound lot. Love the paint scheme — Kingjester
  • very nice! — dr_dodge
  • Thx guys… me too Jester!!! — G_ForceRacing
  • It is hard to get a good color change on these small cars... you did well! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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StrayDog 11/20/23

On the way to the Hot Pursuit!

  • A driftsta, very nice. I wish you luck at hot pursuit and who knows you might even face my Plymouth roadrunner — Kingjester
  • Very cool! — G_ForceRacing
  • Thanks! Excited to see how it runs! — StrayDog

got a Jay Leno The Tank car and it was already Zamac so I decided to remove the bent axles and added other wheels and painted it red and black so far. It hasn't been completed but this is the progress I have so far

Just need to name this beast then off The the Frozen Four Banger. Started as a Baja Bison. Sujestions for a name welcome 

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dr_dodge 11/25/23

bumble, 'cause bumbles bounce?

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Kingjester 11/28/23

Heading off to vittoria diecast for their first mail in is this Nissan skyline I cooked up. 47.2 grams along with the usual axel and wheel. I think my hand painting came out nice this time around.

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Kingjester 12/4/23

Gonna be heading down to Marco Polo for his "NO EVOS" Tournament. May the wagon gods shine upon this two toned vista cruiser.

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StrayDog 12/5/23

On the way to the Nissan National(Z)

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Kingjester 12/5/23

Going down to Elevation diecast is this 69 gram ford 2 door. Hopefully it can go as fast as it looks.

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Fat_Dad 12/6/23

My two entries and one alt for "Twisted Metal!!!!" in January:

  • Those are Great! Some Serious work there. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Thanks Bent_Rod_Racing! — Fat_Dad
  • I played the game during the 90‘s on the Ps1. These are great looking cars! — Schottys_diecast
  • Thanks Schottys_diecast! I played it and the whole genre that it built became my favorite type of game. — Fat_Dad
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Numbskull 12/9/23

DieCast Street League.

  • Sweet whips. I need to get in gear and send in a couple there, too. — FeralPatrick
  • That is a fun track to race. — Numbskull
  • Yeah me too, his track is one of the better ones, great racing & passing — G_ForceRacing
  • super cool, love the logo!! — G_ForceRacing
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FeralPatrick 12/9/23

Braggin' Wagons...

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