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Redline Derby Showroom thread

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Kingjester 12/5/23

Going down to Elevation diecast is this 69 gram ford 2 door. Hopefully it can go as fast as it looks.

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Fat_Dad 12/6/23

My two entries and one alt for "Twisted Metal!!!!" in January:

  • Those are Great! Some Serious work there. — Bent_Rod_Racing
  • Thanks Bent_Rod_Racing! — Fat_Dad
  • I played the game during the 90‘s on the Ps1. These are great looking cars! — Schottys_diecast
  • Thanks Schottys_diecast! I played it and the whole genre that it built became my favorite type of game. — Fat_Dad
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Numbskull 12/9/23

DieCast Street League.

  • Sweet whips. I need to get in gear and send in a couple there, too. — FeralPatrick
  • That is a fun track to race. — Numbskull
  • Yeah me too, his track is one of the better ones, great racing & passing — G_ForceRacing
  • super cool, love the logo!! — G_ForceRacing
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FeralPatrick 12/9/23

Braggin' Wagons...

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Kingjester 12/10/23

This build took longer than I would like to admit. Despite that going to M.C.R battle royale it's this 50 gram 32' ford with skinny wheels front and back. 

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FredD 12/16/23

Country Club Muscle x2 Barracuda and Piranha. Ready for the race. I didn't even know it was a thing until a few days ago! lol... noob city! But I like the design. It would be epic if it had a metal cast body instead of plastic to go with that great metal base.

'30's Plymouth Long Distance Rally car... as a backup to my other rally car... decals meant for a different car but sometimes when you are under the gun ya just gotta go with what ya got!

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Fat_Dad 12/17/23

In the mail for 4trac Splinter Sprint at MINI MAFIA MOTORS:

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Fat_Dad 12/18/23

Another recent load out, shipped to Elevation Diecastracing for Scale MileHigh Valley Tournament:

  • love the challenger funny car — dr_dodge
  • but the last one is amazing — dr_dodge
  • Thanks dr_dodge! I'm also partial to that Demon — Fat_Dad
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Kingjester 1/7/24

Heading down to Starcorps industries is the "Royal punchline" A blvd. Brusier with some heavy artillery 

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FredD 1/12/24

'69 Mustang Cobra Jet w/custom decals driven by Cooter Smiff

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dr_dodge 1/14/24

weekend projects progressed.  the pugsly muscle car looks great,
and is a f'XXXX slug.  no, I think even the slug lapped it...argghh
but these ones below are my best builds yet
NASCAR, and Sportsman races
(it was fun to build a late model again, even if 1/64 this time)
anyways, cars pictured are:

59g ±1,  50/50  ±1% f/r
full brass rollcage in the late model
chargers roll cage is paint and thread
full nice interiors. 
final wheel tuning and window nets...button up
and they are in the mail,
(and I need to shoot a quick vid)


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