Redline Series, worth it?

RobertBcfc Friday, 10/11/2019

In the recent Anniversary Rip n Roll tournament a Redline Series Mig Rig took part.  It didn't win, but lost out to a really fast car and looked great.  I had to get one and it turned up yesterday.

I can't do much racing at the moment as my mother in law is temporarily living with us (!) but I hastily set up a one lane drop and ran the Mig Rig through the old Speed Gun style Hot Wheels timer - boy did it fly!  

My question is about the rest of that series.  Is the Mig Rig the quickie of the bunch or are they all metal/metal and worth investing in?


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LeagueofSpeed 10/11/19
Event coordinator

I prefer metal/metal for the weight factor when modifying a car...although extracting the axels can be challenging at times...Racers like all metal casings for a weight advantage, but it doesn't always mean there's a given on greater speed and the details are better with the Classics and Cool Classics series.

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redlinederby 10/11/19
Site manager

Metal/metal build cars are never a bad bet in my book. That Mig Rig went up against a Funny Car and that's a tall order for any car regardless of build. 

Like LoS said, taking out axles and stuff from metal chassis car can be tricky, which is why I'll often look for a metal chassis from one car that lines up with the body from another. I suck at axle replacing and nothing I make ever seems faster than stock, so I usually leave the axle/wheels in place and focus more on weight, sanding, and lube. But let my modified record show that that might not be the best strategy :)

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