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Review: Max Traxxx 'electronic' finish gate

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Dadvball 3/26/15

How do you get the two halves apart?  Does the clear lens over the light have to be popped off?  I was worried about breaking them. 

  • The clear pieces just slide out. The only thing holding them in are the front and back halves. Yours must be wedged — MoHasAFastCar
  • tighter than mine. — MoHasAFastCar
  • Thanks. I'll have to try again. — Dadvball
  • to even out the paddles, try glueing a 3/8" PAD on to the slow paddle ? — model40fan
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Rusty 6/28/15

Just a note guys.Went in to TRU over the weekend and they had these boys reduced to about $6 bucks..they also had the other Max Traxx stuff reduced..

happy hunting..


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iswingping 7/8/15


Bought two of these today at TRU, $4.95 each.  The paddles seem pretty stiff to me.  I'm gonna see about some lighter springs for the paddle return.

Also 5 bucks on amazon.

Now back up to 10 bucks on Amazon.   These are notoriously inaccurate finish lines.  However, they are easy to fix.

Step one, make sure the paddles are even.  Bend them until they are.  Might need to apply heat (hair dryer, not blowtorch) to make larger adjustments.

Step two, figure out which side triggers first.

Step three, open it up, just four screws, notice the mechanism to trigger.    Add layer after layer of tape (masking tape easiest to work for me) to the plastic thing that turns and hits the trigger on the slow side.  Make sure to press them down firmly on the tape with a tiny stick/screwdriver and run the lever back and forth.  Test after each layer with a bar that pulls each side equally.

When close enough, seal it up.

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JeffSpeed07 6/19/23

I wish this came out to day, because I can't find any on google.

  • I have 2 new in box. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. — redlinederby

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