Differences in rivet post sizes, vintage vs modern

BadWoolRacing Saturday, 4/22/2023

I've been perfecting my skill of drilling and tapping rivet posts to secure bodies and chassis together again,  and it is all fine and good with contemporary castings. My question is about the smaller rivet posts, from the 80s for example. The photo shows contemporary on the left and older on the right, which is smaller. How do people secure older cars using screws with such small rivet posts]


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SpyDude 4/22/23

You drill VERY carefully into the post, take your time, go VERY slowly, keep adding lubricant/oil to the post and the drill bit as you are drilling. Those older posts are more fragile and will easily shatter (don't ask).

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FeralPatrick 4/22/23

Smaller screws, taps. 1-72 I think. I personally don't bother tapping them because they're so small but many of the customizers on YT do it successfully. I use either E-6000 glue or JB Weld.

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Kingjester 4/22/23

I mainly use jb weld to hold my cars together but thanks for the tips

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johnson9195 7/15/23

When I drill an older casting I use a file or Dremel to flatten the top of the rivet then use a center punch to mark the center. I then use a tiny drill bit to drill a pilot hole, and then drill it for a 1-72 screw. The older posts can be finicky to drill out. I have messed up a few posts. The posts seem like they split a lot easier than modern castings. 

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