RLD Axle Jigs are back!

redlinederby Tuesday, 3/21/2023
Site manager

I'm VERY happy to announce that the Redline Derby Racing Axle Alignment Jigs are once again available for purchase. We've partnered with Slanman Customs as our exclusive online retailer for axle jigs.

>>> Order your axle jig now

Special offer: Use promocode "RLD10" and get 10% off your order of $25 or more.

They're back and better than ever

The RLD Axle Jigs have been out of stock for quite a while, almost a year, thanks to my own difficulties in maintaining a reliable 3D printer. But it wasn't for lack of trying! I wrestled with my printer for months trying to get it to produce reliable and consistent results but it just wouldn't cooperate. Maybe it was tired. Maybe I was tired.

But the requests for jigs kept coming in and nothing sucked more than telling people I didn't have them to sell...so I decided to find a solution. I reached out to Slanman Customs to see if he'd partner with Redline Derby.

A quality partnership

I watched Slanman Customs grow over the years and the quality of his products were top notch. This isn't a guy that's just manufacturing as a hobby like I was. Slanman has the know-how and equipment to produce axle jigs more reliably than I could have ever hoped. It's a partnership that made sense.

So please check out the Slanman Customs store and order an official RLD Axle Jig...and check out the other great accessories they have to sell.

Thanks for your support

Your order supports both Redline Derby and Slanman Customs as we continue to serve the diecast racing community. Your orders help keep the lights on here at Redline Derby Racing. We don't have any advertisements to suffer through or subscriptions to buy. RLD has a single product that you can actually use to make the hobby a little more fun.


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Thank you!!!

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dr_dodge 3/23/23

ordered mine and some crash track connectors.

Glad these jigs are available again, as my home made one sucks

maybe I'll start to finish races...lol...probably not


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Slanman 3/23/23

Thank you for this partnership opportunity! I cant wait to see what else happens in the future.

  • I am just getting started building track(s) and I will be buying again, for sure — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 3/25/23

All Works Of Art!

they are amazing.

the jig is so pretty, I am scared to get glue by it...lol

and the crach track connectors are the same.

I would like a custon corner, and some angled connectors, if you do custom stuff.

I have built my first track and couldn't have done it without those connectors
and now to have a jig to actually make straight cars, too!

Great Products!  Fast Shipping!  Wonderful!

thanks very much!


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dr_dodge 4/3/23

I heard a rumor that these will be available at a fine retail slot car racing shop



  • That's the word on the street...we'll see. — redlinederby

Have mine


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