Download: RLD background for videos

redlinederby Friday, 9/20/2019
Site manager

If you're hosting Redline Derby races and need a nice background to use in your video highlights, feel free to download and use the one linked below. It's a sized for HD so it should work well for the video formats your phone will use. 

It has also been designed to work with the "Standard" text option within the iMovie app on iPhone. It's just an normal image, so you can also use it on Android phones and other apps besides iMovie. 

If you are using iMovie, be sure to disable the "Ken Burns" effect when you add the image to your timeline. It may also need pinched to get resized within the app properly.

You can check out how the background looks in these videos.

USE THE DOWNLOAD LINK ABOVE to get the background image. The one below is only a preview and not the correct size.

I'm hoping to make more of these backgrounds with different cars and stuff faded out, but for now this is better than nothing and should work for just about everyone.

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