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LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 12/7/2019
Event coordinator

Getting ready to defend my title at DCR Mountain Rally Challenge...Outlaw Racing will be joining the fray this year.

League of Speed 

Outlaw Racing in the LoS Workshop 


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WorpeX 12/7/19

Did you wheel swap that evolution? I have that gran turismo variation and its awful on the track compared the regular mainline releases of it.

  • It's got a Color Shifter package off a Lancer Evolution — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ahh, so expensive FTEs. Nice! ;) — WorpeX
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LeagueofSpeed 12/8/19
Event coordinator

Outlaw Racing ready for polish and set.

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41-14 12/9/19


Rooting for ya LOS

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LeagueofSpeed 12/10/19
Event coordinator

FrostBite is ready...97g 70 Ford Escort 

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MDG_Racing 12/10/19

Well here we go again. Lining up with the BoS. Mountain Rally 2019 DCR

League of Speed/Outlaw Racing

Red Pill Racing

Nick Deavers Racing (2nd place VW '18)

MDG Racing and satellites teams

Good Luck everyone!!

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