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3DBotMaker 2/6/19

  • Great results LOS, the rest of us could only hope for this success. — Traction-Event
  • Thanks...but I learned most of what I do from you...and your racing history speaks for itself. — LeagueofSpeed
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72_Chevy_C10 2/8/19
Event coordinator

Okay, I'm game...I'll throw my hat in. This will be a little different build for me, but since the '58 Chevy Sedan Delivery is, obviously build for carving corners...*sarcasm*'s an easy choice :)

So, any guesses what this baby will weigh by the time I'm done?

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72_Chevy_C10 2/10/19
Event coordinator

Okay, since TE is running his formerly pink pony car, I figured I would run one of my old race cars as well.

This car has a pretty good past record, but she's been sitting around for a while. I'll have to look up the dates for her was at least two years ago, if not three. She won K&O's Funny Car race, and then went to Rhode Island and won one of their early modified races. Then it went to Missouri and took a third in the first drag race out there.

I'm, really, just bringing this old girl out for's only 93 grams, so she probably doesn't stand a chance. But, she has always done well, so I figure, why not?

For this race, since my employment McFarlane Toys is coming to a close, I'll call her, 'One Last Spawn'

  • Cool to see this build again. — Traction-Event
  • I just looked it up...the Spawn car was built in October of 2015, so she's about 3 and a half years old — 72_Chevy_C10

That is why I brought a car back, not sure how my builds will preform on this open track set up. Same as when I sent cars into DiecastracerX on Youtube... I sent the Mustang which is a factory axle build, and a new build Wagon that has axle tubes.  Not sure the tubes will be robust enough for the rough and tumble track. Neither are as heavy as some, but we'll see how they perform, and adjust on the next build. Open track racing has so many more variables. Building cars that go striaght is one thing... having the same speed around corners is another. 

Good luck to all, we're chasing LOS and the KoM crown. 

  • Yeah, you never, really, know what car will do well on an open track...and, it isn't always the fastest ones that do the best — 72_Chevy_C10
  • exactly. — Traction-Event
  • It's Open Track Racing...I will fall from the throne eventually, but it's been a lot of fun retaining it...Good Luck my Brothers — LeagueofSpeed
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MDG_Racing 2/10/19

Should arrive Tuesday 2-12-19

Coming with a few friends ;)

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MDG_Racing 2/10/19

Haulers loaded

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LeagueofSpeed 2/11/19
Event coordinator

I built the Mach Daddy for the Fat Track...went with Fats all the way around based upon the theory it would help with the track stance and be more stable when they start trading paint.

  • That car has an amazing ability to lose control, correct itself, and maintain a lot of speed. — 3DBotMaker
  • Thats what i was looking for in my car "Black Lightning" L.O.S beat me to the track. — NDeavers80
  • I think there is something to the Fats all the way around — LeagueofSpeed
  • Im hoping to find out, but Mr. Bean gets to race first — NDeavers80
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LeagueofSpeed 2/13/19
Event coordinator

  • In the 2nd race is where I think the Fats all the way around theory comes into play — LeagueofSpeed
  • LOS taking care of business... background @ 2:08...Stone Cold hanging out by my ride... — Traction-Event
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NDeavers80 2/17/19

  • A reign cut too short. CLOSE race. It looked like you were showing off in the first lap. 180 spin staring back at the cheese — Jav74
  • You know I am also a red line derby member .. And 2018 champion at race mountain: ) — 100ProofRacing
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72_Chevy_C10 2/20/19
Event coordinator

My cars headed west this morning...looking forward to seeing them run :)


  • Good race tho — NDeavers80
  • My wagon is pretty heavy too...like140 grams...others are around 90...going to be I teresting to see how they go. You sent in other cars, right? — 72_Chevy_C10

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