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RLD Nationals 2020 - 55 & 57 Chevy

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LeagueofSpeed 1/12/20
Event coordinator

Going Green Sweet 16 to the Finals at 6pm should hit around 8-8:30pm est

...Good Luck

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Mattman213 1/12/20

GREAT racing guys, some super close ones and plenty of back and forth.  Was a nail biter to the end for sure.  


  • Incredible racing action — LeagueofSpeed
  • I piled the family on the couch and watched it and my Son's excitement to watch the car his Momma painted go rounds and eventually his own car "Joaquin" go to the finals was huge. I enjoy trying to do well and get better each build I do but seeing that excitement added a new level of fun to it. Thanks once more for hosting this round. On to Red Pill Raceway! — Mattman213
  • That's what I love to family goes by the Legion of Speed...Lady of Speed and I couldn't punch our way outta the 1/4 finals this time — LeagueofSpeed
  • Yeah yall were flying for sure, I'm interested in seeing how it goes down the road when the cars start getting some miles on them. Never done a multi-location race before so this is all new to me! — Mattman213

Thanks for hosting, and good racing coverage. I did get one car past the first round... good thing I like building these. Congrats to all winners

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Go_Time 1/13/20

Yes, thanks again LoS.  As always great racing action, and great job hosting!  Congrats to 41-14, well done Sir.

  • Thank you GT...always a pleasure having the cars at the LoS Racing Grounds — LeagueofSpeed

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