RLD Nationals 2020 - Host Tracks

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 11/2/2019
Event coordinator

We need 5 more host tracks for the Series. Diecast 64 has agreed to host a race, so we're still in need.

Race 1 - Quest Speedway, NC

Race ? - D64 2 Lane, UT

Race 8 - Tobacco Road, NC

...so chime in here and let me know if you'd be willing to host the Chevy's 


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LeagueofSpeed 11/7/19
Event coordinator

We need 5 more tracks peeps...who's willing???

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Jabo66 11/8/19

I can host a race or two. 

Are all of these races dragstrip races or are you open to doing something different like my Switchback Mountain Track?

Also, I could do a different track like this loop course I made to test the concept...It needs to be refined but is pretty cool to watch.

Video Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1If25XXBr8UG7TS-YSyZJ1Y50XEyk4THC

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LeagueofSpeed 11/24/19
Event coordinator

We still need host tracks peeps...only got 3 tracks on the schedule right now...please let me know asap.

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SavageSpeeder 11/25/19

may b able 2 host we'll see how the year goes

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