RLD Round Robin League Premise

LeagueofSpeed Monday, 2/24/2020
Event coordinator

I've been thinking on the topic of Round Robin racing...now that I've caught up a little on Racing events...my thoughts.

A RR League could be done similar to our monthly racing league...but we'd only need 9 months instead of 12.

We'd need to cap the field at 8 cars per month...since 8 is the magical...doable number for this. 8 months of racing and the 9th month would be the Championship.

The RLDRRL would have to start in March or April and the Championship would be in November or December.

The Winner of March then couldn't send in another car till May...if you win a spot in the Championship...ya sit out the next month...or if you win a spot in the Championship...you sit out until the Championship....Racers would have to be diligent every month or have a sign up page where only 8 racers are chosen using the same tech as the axel jig giveaway...or first come first serve.

This is definitely doable for 2020 granted we start in March or April...need a monthly host or host(s) first and foremost...but this can be done.


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Mattman213 2/24/20

Oh I like it!


I'm in

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LeagueofSpeed 2/24/20
Event coordinator

We'll see if we can get enough interest to gain some traction...but like I said...definitely doable.

  • What would go down if more than 8 initially want in? First 8 in or qualifying top 8 cats go? Obviously if we exclude winners from re-entering itll free up spaces down the road but I imagine quite a few will want in. Myself included! — Mattman213
  • First come first serve or the spinning wheel tech/app — LeagueofSpeed
  • Well in def in if it goes down — Mattman213

I am interested in this for sure!

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