RLD Smackdown 2020

LeagueofSpeed Saturday, 4/4/2020
Event coordinator

Okay...Talk some good natured Smack!!!

Keep it Civil and Have Fun!!!


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LeagueofSpeed 4/4/20
Event coordinator

September 2020...all your doing...is basically paying for post and showing up...Dixie Gran Prix 3.


                                    Speed Force 

                                      DGP 2 Champ 


  • Never done the Dixie, or built any Indy/F1 style cars so...I guess the only trash I can talk is yall better hope you dont catch an L on my account cause Im making it up as I go! — Mattman213

what fte package is on that indy oval?... not needing advice just trying to weed out what ftes NOT 2 use.

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