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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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redlinederby 3/4/21
Site manager

Okay. There will be no "winner's choice" spins for pairings. We'll stick with the original plan of all random picks. We'll spin for a Pro and then spin for the Amateur. 

Thanks for all the quick feedback.

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CrazyEights 3/4/21

Don't forget to add the link to the live feed.

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redlinederby 3/4/21
Site manager

Link to watch is on the first page and hopefully this will work. 

Technology doesn't seem to be agreeing with me tonight so we'll see what happens. If for some reason I have to abandon ship, I'll still do the drawing video and post it later. Hope it'll work live.

Link is telling me that the video is unavailable and that the poster has taken it down.

  • Go on through youtube. You'll find it. Link is bad. — CrazyEights
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Dogtown 3/4/21

What up DXP? I am really new and slow. Will take any tips I can get

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redlinederby 3/4/21
Site manager

Okay so technology kinda worked but the video looks like shit but, here it is. At least you can hear it pretty well so think of it as radio. Sorry the quality is so shite, it's always a battle. Live and learn.

And here are the teams:

  • Secondhand Speed & Miniature Car Racing
  • Voxxer Racing & Kickserve
  • FOTF & Capper Deluxe
  • Sneaky Bob & The Commish
  • Mattman213 & SpyDude
  • Chief Wopahoo & Commotion Diecast Racing
  • Big Al & PWC Racing
  • DXP Racing & Dogtown Racing
  • Mopar Mac & Big Mac
  • G4 Diecast Racing & Uncle Joe Speedway
  • The Maker's Box & Pupuelsurfer
  • Rivera Racing & EightOC Racing
  • Uncle Elvis & RoadRunner Raceway
  • Golden Owl & ItsDiegoByTheWay
  • GhostDriver & Mayfield41
  • RLo Racing & Kaiju Colorado

And there you go. I encourage everyone to do some PMing and seeing what you can learn from each other. Use the Members section to look up folks and send them messages.

  • Mattman??? Woohoo! — SpyDude
  • The Oregonians are ready!!! — pupulesurfer
  • Looking forward to working with R-Lo! This is going to be awesome! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • I am not able to find my teammate, Miniature Car Racing using the search function. — Secondhand_Speed
  • @FOTF sorry you got me , but i'm doing my best to make the fastest most well balanced car i can for this so i will try not to let you down — CapperDeluxe
  • @CapperDeluxe: “We meet again, Mr. Bond.” — SpyDude
  • @CapperDeluxe, not to worry ... this should be fun regardless! :) — FOTF

EightOC & RIVERA RACING "A Force To Be Wrecking With!"

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SpyDude 3/5/21

Because I KNOW one of you clowns is thinking about it ....... :p
(No, I'm not entering it, I just stuck the body onto the chassis with sticky tack.)

  • haha that's great — IndianaDiecastRacing
  • So this is really not legal? — RIVERA_RACING
  • Sadly, yes, it IS legal ..... According to the rules, you need a chassis and a body (and obviously, wheels). The rules said any kind of body, including fantasy, so ..... — SpyDude
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Driepe51 3/8/21

How can I get on the waiting list for possible drop outs?! On either list. Would love to be a part of this!

  • I'll make sure you're on the waitlist — redlinederby
  • Please submit the sign-up form if you haven't already, to be added to the waitlist. — redlinederby

I'm so happy to be part of this thank you for allowing me in my race club to join a fellow Colorado one in this journey

  • Glad to have you on the roster. Good luck! — redlinederby
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Mayfield41 3/11/21

I am withdrawing my entry on the amateur side. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Good luck to all. Thank you

  • This saddens me. Your name has become a mainstay at various races over the past year. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Bummer, dude. Appreciate the support. Hope things are well. — redlinederby
  • sorry you're dropping out , hope it's nothing too serious , and that we'll all see you racing again soon — CapperDeluxe
  • All is good, just scaling back a little. I have cars at the sock hop and at the 621. Sending my car to the muscle masters next week. I'll still be around — Mayfield41
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redlinederby 3/11/21
Site manager

Mayfield41 has dropped out of the event and will be replaced by a random pick from the waitlist. I'll draw from the waitlist on Sunday night (3/14).

Make sure you're on the waitlist

Please submit the sign-up form if you want to be on the Pro-Am waitlist. I'll use that list to draw from and if you're picked, you will be notified by email to make sure you're still good to go. 

Even if you replied in a comment above and I said you'd be added to the waitlist, PLEASE still submit this form. It's the only way I can determine who can fill a Pro slot or an Amateur slot.

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