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RLD Summer Pro-Am official thread

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redlinederby 3/15/21
Site manager

I didn't get drawing this last night, so I'll draw the replacement racer tonight. Make sure you submitted the form above if you want to be added to the waitlist. I'll post an update tonight.

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CapperDeluxe 3/21/21

That is the Deluxe Racing car locked in and ready to make it's trip over to Redline Derby Raceway for this event, i can't tell how it will do but in testing it's beating my fastest stock car on the test track so i have hopes i'll do better than last time.

Ladies and gentlemen i present you with "The Driftwood"

a Custom Dodge Challenger Drift car (identical to the black one ) now with wood effect roof and weighing in at 72 grams i hope it does well

 @ RedlineDerby you'll get an email from my courier no doubt

  • Ooooohhhhhh!!! We're gonna have some Challenger battles out there! Love it!! — pupulesurfer
  • Sweet ride!! — FOTF
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redlinederby 3/21/21
Site manager

I finally cleared up the replacement driver situation, and the replacement racer is DeeJa out of Oaklahoma. He'll be pairing with GhostDriver. 

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redlinederby 3/28/21
Site manager

Just a heads up there's a good chance we'll have to draw another replacement racer this coming week. If you're interested in possibly being in the Pro-Am, please join the waitlist and your name will be in contention.

More early this week...

  • Oops, who did we lose? Rookie or pro? — SpyDude
  • You can put me on as a possible replacement — NDeavers80
  • There will be more so be ready. And to think that we're no where close to post time. — CrazyEights
  • there will at least be my car involved in the amateur side it was packaged up and put in the safe spot for the courier today — CapperDeluxe
  • We had a rookie drop, went unresponsive after a week. Will be drawing and posting replacement later today. — redlinederby
  • Than I'm out — NDeavers80
  • Let nick compete. At least he will show up. — CrazyEights
  • You'll stay on the waitlist in case a Pro drops. — redlinederby
  • That's what I figured. I'm not qualified for the rookie class that's why I said I'm out — NDeavers80
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redlinederby 3/31/21
Site manager

After a little delay, I can finally confirm a replacement. Bigg Samm will be replacing Miniature Car Racing in the Amateur division. Their Pro teammate is Secondhand Speed. Welcome to the Summer Pro-Am, Bigg Samm.

Hopefully that will be all we need to worry about regarding replacements. Deadline is a about a month and half away...plenty of time to do some building and testing.

Good luck!

  • hey bigg Samm, i really enjoyed your showing in Road warriors S2 felt you really stuck it tight to my buddy Fractal panda , i look forward to racing you — CapperDeluxe
  • Damn, I'm going to be running against some good opponents here ..... — SpyDude
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DamDiecast 4/7/21

This is going to be awesome!  

I hope to make the roster one of these days.

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redlinederby 4/9/21
Site manager

Just a reminder that we're about a month out from the entry deadline for the Summer Pro-Am! Deadline is May 16th and that'll be a pretty hard cut-off. I have received a few cars already that look great and are ready to roll.

Also, if you haven't yet, please get in touch with your teammate via PM or email or whatever. Part of this event is the team scoring so connecting with your partner is encouraged. Even if it's just a "Hello" and introduction, that's cool and lets your teammate know you're still good to race and will be sending in a car. Don't let your teammate hangin'! You can use the Member search to find your teammate and message them.

If for any reason you now know you won't be able to make the deadline or the event, please PM me so we can figure out a solution, or if need be, find a replacement racer.

I'll be finalizing scoring and race formats soon in coordination with the other track hosts. That info will get updated and posted once it's ready.

  • Good luck to everyone, can't wait to see your cars hit the tricky triangle! — IndianaDiecastRacing
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redlinederby 4/12/21
Site manager

I've gotten a lot of comments and concerns about the team aspect of the Pro-Am. People worried if their teammate is sending a car, or they're being difficult to contact...stuff like that. All valid concerns but please remember that this isn't only a team event. 

There's going to be a Pro champ and Amateur champ, and Team champs.

You can still win without being on a team! So even if your teammate doesn't make the deadline or you're not really in touch with them, that's okay! Build a car like you would for any other mail-in event and send it in. Your chances are just as good as anyone else's given the multi-track nature of this event. You could be the division champ even if you aren't a team champ.

I appreciate that some folks have really sunk their teeth in on teaming up for this event but it shouldn't be a source of stress or stop you from having fun with this event. 

Build your car, send it in, and hope for the best - just like always. If your teammate sends in a car, then great. If they don't, that's okay, you could still walk away with some fortune and glory. 

The summer Pro-Am is as much a singles event as it is a team event. 

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redlinederby 4/12/21
Site manager

Spoke too soon! Another racer in the Amateur division has dropped out so I'll be drawing another name from the waitlist this Friday 4/16. Please add your name to the waitlist if you haven't already.

And to those joining and already on the wait list - I'll be emailing you with a notice, so be aware and please reply so we can get everything squared away. Thanks, good luck!

  • Damn, dudes ..... at this rate, me and Capper are going to be the only two original amateur racers left. — SpyDude
  • I'm not going anywhere spydude. Been looking forward to this event since getting accepted. — Big_Mac
  • So am I. This is one of the bigger race series that I am going to be running, and being an amateur, I'm nervous as hell about how my car will perform on multiple tracks. I'm also lined up for the Blueline 60g competition, so I'm looking at my entries and thinking, "Is it good enough to run with the big boys? Did I work it enough?" I guess I'll be finding out here within the next month or so. — SpyDude
  • @spydude @Big_mac yeah my car is in, i'm looking forward to all the ones i'm entered into and am pleased with my performance so far in Rustbelt's Micromods, as an amateur with a new hobby , every car is a learning experience , my rookie Rally car was a stage in the process and as i develop so does my my skill. if folks want to race and give me time to get there and i can then i will enter , i'm thoroughly looking forward to all the races i'm in — CapperDeluxe
  • My rookie car was a train wreck, but at least it ran. I have it pulled apart so I can redo it some more, maybe get a little more out of it. — SpyDude
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redlinederby 4/19/21
Site manager

Quick announcement that Cash Money Boys out of Texas has joined the Amateur division, replacing EightOC Racing. His teammate will be Rivera Racing. Good luck!

  • @Big_Mac and CapperDeluxe: Are we scaring off all the amateurs or something .....? — SpyDude
  • lol, can't see how, my B.O. isn't that bad :-D. nah i suspect it's saturation or things getting in the way or nerves or any of a number of things , might even be folks muffed up their car and feel they dont have time to do justice to a replacement — CapperDeluxe
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RLoRacing 4/26/21

Mailed mine in today 

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VoxxerRacing 4/28/21

Team Bullet With Butterfly Wings .... is ready to go.  Voxxer Racing and Kickserve.  I just want to say, it was a great honor, to help Kickserve ... he was patient, listened and most importantly  .... asked alot of questions.  

  • That's the best way to go. As the saying goes, "The stupidest question is the one that wasn't asked." — SpyDude
  • (from the racer formerly known as "kickserve") Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you...there's so much more to making a fast car than I anticipated. Good luck to everyone in the Pro-Am, I can't wait for the racing to begin! — Overclocked_Racing
  • Smash some pumpkins with those! — pupulesurfer
  • Nice flames on that Cadillac! — SpyDude

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