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redlinederby Thursday, 7/27/2023
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This thread does not include any information about racing or events

This thread will be used to make announcements related to the Redline Derby website, including updates, maintenance, fixes, outages, etc...nothing about racing itself, just a log of website changes.


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redlinederby 7/27/23
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The YouTube Diecast Racing Channel Guide will be getting decommissioned soon. 

A good chunk of channels in the guide are no longer publishing new videos (including RLD's), but moreso, YouTube changed their tech specs and have thus have made it nigh impossible to get daily feeds of a channel's videos. It's just not something they're supporting anymore.

Any existing channel already in the RLD guide was getting updated daily, but new channels being submitted were failing and not being updated at all. Sadly, this is nothing I can control unless YouTube changes their mind and makes it easier. The Channel Guide was handy but not popular enough to try and find a workaround.

I have no plans to make another public channel guide but the might make more use of the links in your RLD profile in the future.  So if you run a YouTube channel, it won't hurt to have that link to your profile.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I had my channel listed on my profile anyway, but being up to date on this is helpful. — IdRatherDieCast
  • keep up the good work! thanks for what you do! — dr_dodge
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redlinederby 8/16/23
Site manager

Track directory clean-up will be happening over the next week or so...

So if you find that your track is no longer showing up in the directory and is labled as "delisted" in the Track Manager, it's probably because...

  • There aren't any photos that show the track itself. 
  • The track is incomplete or in-progress. Directory is for finished tracks only.
  • It's a duplicate track or double-listing

When a track gets delisted, it just means it's hidden from public view. No track records will be deleted.

You will still be able to edit track information and photos for any track you own. And then you can un-hide the track when any issues are resolved.

The track directory is intended for complete and race-ready tracks. If you have a track that is in-progress and you want to share it (and please do), start a Track Build Journal post instead, and then add your track to the directory once it is finished and ready to race.

Please PM with any questions or concerns.

  • Would it be possible to add some kind of filtering based on the criteria people enter? For example if I wanted to see only tracks shorter or longer than x. Or tracks with downhill segment longer than x etc. — Elements_DCR
  • Good idea. The update coming for the Directory simplifies things a lot and there is some common filtering changes, but it can always change as people use it and leave feedback. — redlinederby
  • Just looking for clarification. Track is finished and race ready? My track is race ready but had a little diorama left to do. Would that be considered a complete track or in progress? Thanks — Papa_Pugsley
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redlinederby 8/22/23
Site manager

The Track Directory got a tiny update last week in an effort to simplify things and make it easier to browse.

  • Tracks now fall into one of two buckets, drag strip or a road course. A road course is basically anything that isn't straight, regardless of lanes or lack there of. You can also filter by newest additions and just a random grab bag.
  • The specs for tracks have been simplified. Track info now just asks total length, lanes, and style, rather than asking about track materials and accessories. It was just too much info that cluttered things up.
  • Track profiles now have optional links for a video and a Build Journal, if you have one.
  • The individual track profile page changed a bit to put more focus on the photos. Nothing too major there.
  • On the quality of life side, with so many tracks now in the directory - more than 200 - you can now browse by page to keep things simple and snappy. And overall, the directory should be a little nicer to experience on your phone, where most of you are anyway.

PSA...please take some time to review any tracks you have in the directory. Chances it's something you did a while ago and never came back to, so take a moment and make sure your track is still your track...and maybe add some new photos!

And if you don't have your track listed in the directory, add it now! It's easy and a fun way to share your hard work and passion with everyone.

As usual, if you have any problems using the Track Directory or any other feature on the website, please make a post of send a PM. Any and all feedback and ideas are welcome!

  • I'm greatly enjoying a new feature that was added: the race dates on each individual listing. Thank you! This was exactly what was needed! — SpyDude