RLD website email system woes

redlinederby Wednesday, 8/11/2021
Site manager

I got a report from a few folks having issues receiving emails from the website and upon further investigation have found that the vendor account I use for sending emails has reached its limit, which means it will not send any more emails. That's the bummer.

The good thing is, I think it can be easily repaired or extended, however, there may be some downtime inbetween during which some emails won't be sent out.

What this means for you: You might not get notification emails for PMs or other various alerts. But all that info should be available on the site after you log in, so the only thing lost is convenience.

My apologies for the hassle and inconvenience. The email limit has never been an issue before so it's not something I've had to closely monitor or worry about. Hopefully this is just a sign of site being used and not something bigger. We'll see.

~The management


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SpyDude 8/11/21

Sounds like maybe messages and mail from over six months ago should be archived to free up some room?

  • It's send limit quota thing but I think there's an error or a bug somewhere because they claim I sent 10k emails in the past week but no log anywhere can prove it. — redlinederby
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