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RLDRL December - Redline Derby Speedway

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BlueLineRacing 12/16/20

Very true on the shipping. I'd say to be safe id like you to send mine back after the main race. Thank you

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CrazyEights 12/17/20

I need my car after the derby. I have another race I need it for.

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redlinederby 12/17/20
Site manager

I did the RLDRL race last night so the video will be getting edited next couple nights - I'm hoping for a premiere either Saturday or Sunday night. I wasn't able to get to the PO today (Thursday) to get the late cars as I'd hoped due to work, so I'll try again tomorrow.

I'll be packing up the following cars and dropping them in the post for the return trip this weekend:

  • BlueLine Racing
  • Mike D
  • Gen X (Kit)
  • Mattman

If you need your name added to that list, please comment or PM.

Otherwise, your car will stay here in Ohio for some bonus racing and getting returned after Christmas.

  • !!!thanks. Merry Christmas — CrazyEights
  • Thanks Brian — BlueLineRacing
  • You can keep my F150 for more racing. Before this tournament, I told my rookie driver don't bother calling me about the results if you lost in the first round. I haven't heard from him at all... — G4DiecastRacing
  • Sweet! Can't wait to see my car get annihilated lol. I hope you and Penny and the rest of your clan have a Happy Holiday season. Take care and see ya at the races! — Peter_Bee
  • We racing today? — BlueLineRacing
  • I'm still putting together the video, so look for racing tomorrow night or Sunday. My laptop is giving me attitude recently so here's hoping — redlinederby
  • I'll probably be out in the first or second round, but who cares? At least I get to see my Escalade roll down an official track. — SpyDude
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redlinederby 12/18/20
Site manager

I fought my way to the PO today and picked up a handful of cars.

Golden Owl, Gen X, and a few already coming in for the Rookie Rally.

Gen X's will be heading right back out with some others. The rest will stay in Ohio for another race here soon, just for some extra bonus racing. 

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redlinederby 12/19/20
Site manager

Watch Sunday night at 10PM ET on YouTube

Grab your popcorn and get ready for some Sunday night racing! This tournament will premiere on our YouTube channel tomorrow, Sunday 12/20 at 10PM ET. 

Click here to watch on YouTube

It's only a 10-minute video so it'll be quick...but come a little early and hang out in the chat. Meet some of the other racers and members from the site.

  • DANG i saw it on YouTube and thought it was TONIGHT HA! Fun stuff, we can't wait! — Mattman213
  • I did the same thing — BlueLineRacing
  • I don't even know what day it is most of the time. Sunday... Tuesday... Friday...whatever — redlinederby
  • Thats my life lately for sure — Mattman213
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redlinederby 12/20/20
Site manager

Thanks to everyone that came and chatted while we watched the premiere of this race. It's always fun to talk with folks live while they're seeing their cars go down the hill. 

Here's the video with all the action

And click here to see the final bracket

Look for a bonus Holiday Rumble soon, probably get posted the week after Christmas and cars will then be coming home.

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Mattman213 12/20/20

Great racing as always guys, really enjoyed it and look forward to future races at your place!  The Rumble should be really really interesting!


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SpyDude 12/20/20

Got smoked in the first round, but ah well, it was a stock car, anyway.  Maybe next time I'll do better.

  • Good race — RLoRacing
  • Build some mods for the next race, its very very rare for a stock car to get a win especially with this group of modders!!!! Plus modding is fun! Keep at it! — Mattman213
  • Oh, I do plan on modding - got a nice little 55 Chevy heading to the Rookie Rally in February. I just had the Escalade on hand (like literally bought the day before in a junk bag of cars from a thrift store), and figured it was a nice roller, whatthehell, I’ll send it in. Didn’t even know the reputation about it being fast until AFTER I sent it in, either. — SpyDude
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RLoRacing 12/20/20

Wow great race. I had a few nail biters. Great job everyone and thanks RLD

Good racing!  It's good to know where I stand with the guys that really know what they are doing.  Thanks Brian for hosting this event!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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GhostDriver 12/20/20

That was a good race!!! I'm a Star Wars fan and Bobba was my favorite character as a kid. Matt's build lived up to the theme for sure.

There were some other fast cars as well. Love it when a race keeps you hungry to improve your modding.

  • Thanks!!! It was supposed to be a steak sexy supercar style landed far far from that goal and I love it! I'm with you tho, love when a race or series of races lights a fire under me to keep modding and keep improving. Keep it up and keep having fun! — Mattman213
  • Awesome racer, Matt. — SpyDude
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Uncle_Elvis 12/21/20

I wish I had kept track of how many times I have been beaten in the first round by who ends up winning the tournament.

At least my car blowing apart provided some hilarity to the situation

  • Sorry about that...looked like whatever glue you had on the front post just gave up. And my stopper bag might not have been the most gentle. But my kid wants to fix it for you :) — redlinederby
  • I know who beat me in the first rounds. Multiples losses between Voxxer, Red Pill, Penguin (Nick Deavers) and 1 to DVB — Peter_Bee
  • Hey Redline, you mean HER car. — Uncle_Elvis
  • I said it in the live comments but ill say it again, I was certain that it was my Mod that blew up and laughed. Ive had a couple mods, this one being one of em, that I said I wouldn't be surprised if it blows apart at the end and I swore it had finally happened HA. Keep at it tho, look into using screws to hold your ride together and test test test. Then one day you will be going rounds instead of going out in the first race! — Mattman213
  • I thought it was Matt's too when I was recording. I usually stop the video after the finish but saw that something had flipped up, went over and poor Elvis's guts are hanging out. But hey...good drama for tournament and a great highlight of the year! — redlinederby

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