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RLDRL July Race

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VoxxerRacing 8/14/20

Voxxer Racing Turbolence 

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VoxxerRacing 8/14/20

Voxxer Racing Turbolence 

  • Where do you get all of these varieties in wheels? Donors from other cars or do you buy them somewhere? — BlueLineRacing
  • BLR .... I spend more $ on wheels then anything else. Wheels are from donors ... other cars. I usually go for " clears ", but most of the time I can only get 2 wheels per car. — VoxxerRacing


  • Wow .... where did you get those wheels ???? — VoxxerRacing
  • I took them off a Hotwheels Nerve Hammer all stock nothing fancy. Rusted Axles, Broken U-Joints, Stock Gears. Typically Daily Driver. — RIVERA_RACING

I am ready! 

I'm coming to the Bayou City Raceplex looking to start a new winning streak in the RLDRL!

  • What casting is that? I haven seen that one. — MikeDoolzinski
  • It's the Velocita — Red_Pill-Racing
  • I very likely will not be standing in your way these nest couple rounds. Im on a dry streak — Mattman213
  • Ah that's that toy story car Nightmare ran. Duh! Never mind! — MikeDoolzinski
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Mattman213 8/21/20

My junk should be there today at some point.  Hope it all makes it ok.


Today is race day. I'm freakin' pumped!

  • Is it Race Day? — RIVERA_RACING
  • August 22nd. No ones come on and said its postponed as far as I know. — MikeDoolzinski
  • The delay was probably my fault. My cars arrived in Houston about 1am Friday morning and didn't get delivered until today. — Red_Pill-Racing
  • I sent mine priority mailso they'd get there and it still took 9 days from KY to Houston. — MikeDoolzinski

My car was definitely a dud. I'm glad I upgraded my graphite. It salvaged my August race.

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gstackert 8/26/20

Purple power satalite team was NOT a success.

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Mattman213 8/26/20

Good stuff and some great racing!!!  My junk wasn't as slow as I thought it would be!!!


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