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RLDRL March Race - Red Pill Hill

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Mcjiggles9 2/26/20

Count me in 

Looking forward to racing at my buddy Frank's home track, Count me in!

I guess, I can fit one more race in my schedule......LOL

Count me in!

Gold Rush is ready. Shipping out Wednesday. Let's do this!

  • Wow, I love that! Awesome decal job! — WorpeX
  • That’s sweet — redlinederby
  • Are these custom decals you had made? If so do you mind sharing from where? This is awesome! — Houdini0333
  • Thanks guys! I got the clear waterslide laser paper on Amazon. Print out, set for like an hour, spray with matte clear coat, dry 5 minutes, clear again, dry 20 minutes, use like you would commercial waterslide decals. — RustBeltRacing
  • This is a sweet looking mod, very steampunk looking! — customLEDbikes
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Mattman213 3/9/20

My (hopeful) entry keeps failing.  Funny cause last month's entry put me through much of the same and sticking with it paid off so I'm gonna do my best to do just that.  If not I have another on deck that should be right up Red Pill's alley just the same.  May not be the quickest rides but some that I've wanted to build for some time now, same with one of my Redline Rumble entries.  I'll post more once I make some headway.


  • The Riddle of Speed is constant and unrelenting.... — LeagueofSpeed
  • It seems to be about trends around my house. From now on if a build falls apart, literally in some cases, Im going to keep at it because itll likely come out on top. I will also stop hesitating to just toss something together from scraps cause you never know when itll smoke your entire field before graphite and weight LOL — Mattman213
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Mattman213 3/16/20

Well my original build for this race wont be ready in time so the beater Mirada is coming in as backup.

I have a couple other quicker mods I could have sent BUT this is Red Pill's track and I thought the Mirada would be at home so I had to do it!


I honestly dont know if I sent a car out or not? I've sent so many cars everywhere the last few weeks... I honestly lost track. If you received one, it would have been there by now, if not i appologize.... Sorry!

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LeagueofSpeed 3/19/20
Event coordinator

This race will go down the first part of next week...all the cars won't be at Red Pill Hill by the 21st.

I'll give an update of everyont that has arrived when I get back home. If you were planning to race but got delayed just let me know. The race will most likely go down mid week so that we have as many people involved as possible.

  • Sounds great — LeagueofSpeed
  • if I send out my car today, you will recieve it by Monday or tuesday... will that be good, Still.... I know its pass the deadline, but I believe you changed the race date?m — RIVERA_RACING
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Mattman213 3/19/20

Looking forward to seeing these upcoming races go down.  Need something fun to look forward to!


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Mayfield41 3/25/20

Is this event still on? Was curious if any new news I might have missed. 

I was trying to wait for a couple of teams to arrive but it is FINALLY SHOW TIME!

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