RoadRunner Raceway Fantasy league

RoadRunnerRacewayFan Wednesday, 12/9/2020

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SpyDude 12/9/20

Old-school blue Firebird at 1:56.

Driver: SpyDude
Team: Aces High Racing
Country: AZ, USA

First five comments get the car locked down for themselves, after that if more than one person wants a car it will be given randomly and the loser/losers will be given a different car if there is room. Also I forgot to mention to include state and/or country.

Videos will be posted here and on my youtube channel.

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Gunslinger 12/10/20

Tesla Model S

Driver: Princess Cookie

Team: Gunslinger Diecast

Country: Philippines


15 Ford Mustang

Driver: Christopher Cain

Team Gunslinger Diecast

Country: Philippines

Commented on youtube as well

The princess is my daughter !!!!!

  • Thanks for the heads up. Congrats you and your daughter are now drivers. :) — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • That’s a relief - I was wondering how he was going to explain changing his name from Gunslinger to Princess ..... — SpyDude
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everlings 12/15/20

Porsche 917LH

driver: Pinky 

team: EAP

Indiana, USA


Ferrari FF

Driver: Sparky

team: EAP

Indiana USA

We're back and dusting off the drivers suits

  • Don't sneeze while driving...... All that dust might temp you to. :) — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
  • Not to mention the smell of moth balls. — everlings
  • Hey man since you had two choices I gave the Ferrari FF to someone with the car as their only choice......wait don't be mad we can replace it with zero down payment.........would you like to drive the Ferrari 612 scaglietti. Its pretty close to the Ferrari FF. I'm sorry about giving you choice away. — RoadRunnerRacewayFan
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RobertBcfc 12/16/20

Lancer Evo

Driver: Rob

Team: BCFC

From Essex England.

  • Sorry didn’t realise the Evo was gone, I’ll switch to the Pagani. I’ve also tagged on the Tube — RobertBcfc

I already commented on YT, but I'll do it here too.

Dodge Charger Pursuit
Daddy G
G4 Diecast Racing
Colorado, USA

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Peter_Bee 12/16/20

I already commented on YT but I'll put it here too.

Lancer Evolution Driver: G Money Team: Peter Bee Racing
13 COPO Camaro Driver: Taz Man Team: Peter Bee Racing

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Crazy_Canuck 12/21/20

I commented on the YT as well:

car: silver Copo Camaro

driver: Crazy Canuck

team: The Eh! Team


So here is how it looks so far. The Audi is still available so if you want it it up for grabs. If nobody takes it I will have one of my team drive it. Tournament will start Jan 4th, 2021. 

Heavy weight division:

In the catwoman, Speedia driving for super team from Georgia USA.

In the 10’ Ford mustang, Steve

In the Porsche 917LH, Pinky driving for EAP from Indiana USA

In the Copo Camaro, Crazy Canuck driving for the Eh! team from Canada

In the Lancer evo, G money driving for peter bee racing.

In the Dodge Charger pursuit, daddy G driving for g4 diecast racing from Colorado USA

In the 13 Copo Camaro, taz man driving for peter bee racing.

In the Ferrari FF, john Wesley driving for Elywheelsracing from Texas USA

Light weight Division:

Audi RS 5 Coupe

Ferrari 612 scaglietti

In the HW Pursuit, frosty driving for the super team Georgia USA

in the Tesla Model s, princess cookie driving for gunslinger diecast from the Philippines

In the pagani, Joe golem driving for BCFC from Essex England.

In the Firebird, spy dude driving for aces high racing from Arizona usa

In the Clear speeder, Lily the dog driving for Lilly's boneyard.

in the 15 Ford mustang, Christopher Cain driving for gunslinger diecast from the Philippines

  • Sweet! Gave it a good run, but just couldn't hang onto that last curve. — SpyDude

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