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Rockin’ Surf Drags (Stock, Amateur, Pro)

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Two64racing 11/29/21

Will be sending this 'Little Red Corvette' in for the Stock division of the Rockin' Surf Drags!  

My 96 Impala named Poseidon is on the way for the Pro division...

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RottenRonnie 12/9/21

I see there's only 3 in the pro division. How does that work? Does someone get a bye or would you have to beat both cars?

  • Right now, yeah only got 3. Hoping get more sign-ups as we still have time. If you know anyone, please feel free to share. — KCLH_Racing
  • I don't know anybody off hand. — RottenRonnie
  • If I don't get any more, I'll do a round Robin setup I guess. I'll still make it a great showing. — KCLH_Racing
  • What's a round robin? — RottenRonnie
  • Lol! I googled it. — RottenRonnie
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RottenRonnie 12/10/21

  • Interesting... — TexTenn_Racing
  • very cool. Thanks — KCLH_Racing
  • Be kind of cool to print of brackets. After were done, give them to the winners or frame them for your own personal memorabilia. — RottenRonnie
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TexTenn_Racing 12/10/21

You know, you could open it up to one entry per division to allow for more cars per team... just a thought. May have to extend the deadline if it is too tight, though...

  • yeah I could do that. I'll turn it over this weekend. — KCLH_Racing
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Numbskull 12/22/21

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  Song is 'Chevelle' by Stalley from the 'Ohio' album.  She is back loaded heavy and fast  (that's what she said).  79.9 grams.

  • She looks beautiful, and that is what she said as well. I will let you know when it gets in and there will be a picture on Facebook. — KCLH_Racing
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KandORacing 12/28/21

We think we have the details worked out: Driver name is Keith Sprauer, car is a '69 Chevy Camaro for the song Red Camaro by Rascal Flatts, racing in the Stock category

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Crazy_Canuck 12/29/21

After a disastrous clear coat fail on the paint of Car number 1...I had to go back to the drawing board for car number 2...hope this doesn't offend too many customizes, as the base was started by a literal 6yr old (my daughter) and daddy just put the finishing touches on it. Should be good to go this week. I present to you the Super-Happy-Fun-Time-Car! 

Shaun DeLong

Team: Code 3 Motorsports 

Driver: Chief 

Song / Artist: Purple Lamborghini by Rick Ross

Pro Class

Vehicle: Lamborghini Diablo

  • Sounds awesome. Sent message with address — KCLH_Racing
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Uncle_Elvis 1/5/22

Team: Uncle_Elvis Racing

Driver: R Starr

Song: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles 

Class: Pro

Vehicle: man, just look

  • Dude .... you seriously gonna be racing that? Not knocking it, but that's seriously ballsy if you are. Well done. — SpyDude
  • Awesome! LOL — TexTenn_Racing
  • Dude, that will be awesome. — KCLH_Racing

You should have received both of my entries (the last one shows delivered today, FYI). Unfortunately, I neglected to take a picture of the second one, but it is a Midnight Blue Ferrari Testarossa. 

  • I didn't realize he had changed it until just now or I could have done a 50g car. — RottenRonnie
  • Yeah, I just happened to catch it and worked up a quick one to send a few days ago... — TexTenn_Racing
  • Sorry about that, I changed the rule on the 21st, and extended the time out another 4 days for arrival. Still got 13 days. — KCLH_Racing
  • What song referenced the Ferrari? — SpyDude
  • Ummm, it's a famous song by the extremely popular group Apache 207...the car is the name of the song... :D — TexTenn_Racing
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RottenRonnie 1/19/22

So how many pro mods did you end up getting?

  • We ended up with an even number for all rounds for the Pro Division. Amateur Division is even first, second round will be an odd set. Working on the details now and will be mentioning that in the video that will be coming out in the next 24hrs. Stock Division is smooth sailing on all rounds. — KCLH_Racing

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