Rookie Picks concern

redlinederby Saturday, 3/26/2011
Site manager

So my expected worst fear happened and the 458FTE won the last tournament after it was allowed into the race by accident. Unfortunately, since the 458 was a rookie car this season, it also means it got an unfair advantage in the Rookie Picks.

So my question is if this bugs anybody to point that I should just nix the Rookie Picks for this season and do it next season instead?

I really like the Rookie idea and am pissed I F'd it up in the first week. Maybe it's not that big of a deal...? Just wanted to get some feedback on that thought. I have no problem removing it from this season at this point since we're not far into the season.



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Jobe 3/26/11

Leave it!

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JDC442 3/26/11

Let it ride

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redlinederby 3/27/11
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Fair enough. We'll see how it shakes down.

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