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Rookie Rally 2021

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redlinederby 2/5/21
Site manager

And just for funsies, lets declare some regional rated rookies while we're at it. Your region is determined by your home state. There will be a champ for each region...maybe based on points, or maybe we'll do a side bracket...dunno...just sounds fun. No extra prizes or anything. :) I'm using the map below to determine regions. Entry from're the European champ by default, congrats!

  • woohoo, slowest car (TBC) and still European Champion :D — CapperDeluxe
  • We got two entries from Arizona? Who's the other one? — SpyDude
  • I don't think the dots on the map represent the race. We only have 20 something entered in the whole event. — Big_Mac
  • No, dots aren't entries - but we did get 2 from AZ — redlinederby
  • AZ here — Dogtown
  • California here, but I decided to just watch this rookie season! — KPS_Kustomz
  • You just keep making this competition more and more interesting. — Big_Al
  • This sounds like a fun tournament! — Sneaky_Bob
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redlinederby 2/6/21
Site manager

Meet your competition.

  • There are some super cool entries...this is going to be awesome! — KPS_Kustomz
  • Nice showcase! Question—it looks like something blue is under my car when it’s on the turntable. What was it? — GhostDriver
  • Ghostdriver, looks like a bit of putty to stop the cars rolling on the platform — CapperDeluxe
  • Some good looking builds for rookies!! Good luck. Enjoyed the video and commentary from Penny!! — DXPRacing
  • Yes, I had to use some blue tack to stop them from spinning off the turntable. Necessary evil, I worries, I took care of her :) — redlinederby
  • Wow! This will be a tough race. Great job Penny! So glad you like my car. — Healer_Racing
  • Fun video, love the commentary! — pupulesurfer
  • Redline & Capper, that’s what my son said as well, just confirming. Thanks! — GhostDriver
  • Believe it or not, about three-quarters of the patina that was on my car was already there when I got it. When I drilled the car, I was actually pouring dirt and pulling weeds out of the interior! I just scuffed the paint a little more, added the fender and door paint, and drilled out the headlight. — SpyDude
  • I’m pretty sure my Volkswagen Jetta would be good if it was a beauty pageant but I’m not to sure how it will do on the track — Itsdiegobytheway
  • @itsdiegobytheway , well mine will be the slowest , i think UncleElvis jr will be hard to beat, and those long low beasts — CapperDeluxe
  • That trash truck is all Hot Wheels stock, graphite, and hot glued fishing weight. No wheel swap on that thing. — Uncle_Elvis

Really looking forward to this!! Are the groups divided up by region? That be cool "Rookie of the Plains Region" taking on "Rookie of the Northeast"!!!

  • Groups are not because it just didn’t end up even. So we’ll just have to do regional after. — redlinederby
  • My fellow Oregonian is with me though! Lol — pupulesurfer
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redlinederby 2/7/21
Site manager

Minor rule change...a win in the round robin is worth 2 points and a tie worth 1 point. Zero points for losing. Group A already has a case where there's been several heats without a 2-in-a-row winner and I have a hunch, not the last...and since we're using points we can get away with a tie rather than a coin flip.

Rules on the first page have been updated to reflect this change. Please file any concerns with the front office. 

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redlinederby 2/8/21
Site manager

Now that you've seen all the entries and have the groupings, which match-ups are you looking forward to seeing? 

Which match-up for your car, which one that isn't your car?

And if you're a betting man, pick the Top 10 cars that will make the final bracket...

  • I've looked over the list again and have my 10 picks. Some based with my head (GhostDriver) and some with my heart (UncleElvis). In no particular order: RLo, SpyDude, GhostDriver, MoparMac, UncleElvis, WillyMakit, CapperDeluxe, BigMac, GoldenOwl, and HealerRacing which was Penny's pick to win and my choice for best looking! — G4DiecastRacing
  • I'm looking forward to the races between identical models. I think there were multiple Caddy 16s, Uruses, and Evos. — Big_Al
  • i'm very much , Expect the worst, hope for the best. Uncle Elvis Jr may be young but has that family lineage of modding cars Big Mac i race regularly at Rustbelt and isn't just a pretty paint job, Willy Makit just had a car in the AlmostDIRS so will have learned from the process. R-Lo and Ghostdriver look dismayingly quick and i am dreading being in the same bracket as them. Overall the quality shown is superb and i'm embarrassed by how shoddy my car looks — CapperDeluxe
  • i should clarify , Big mac and i race in draft races and rip n rolls, not mail ins — CapperDeluxe
  • I'm going to will my car into the Top 10 just because G4 said it wouldn't make it lol! — pupulesurfer
  • I would like to see the same casting cars go against each other. So both V16 caddys and the Evos. I would watch for the Fiero to catch fire and take down all of his opponents to the finals. — Big_Mac
  • pupulesurfer: Ha! Don't look too much into my list! I wouldn't bet on it! Lol! — G4DiecastRacing
  • Ha ha - Well I did just pull an upset at Winter Classic lol! Congrats getting to the next round! — pupulesurfer
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redlinederby 2/10/21
Site manager

And so it begins...Group A.

Here is the official score tracking spreadsheet, also available as a PDF download.

I'll try to get Group B up this weekend.

  • Congrats to those moving on, great racing! — pupulesurfer

got my spreadsheet filled out!! Lol

  • I got mine too that I should share along the way. Also good to have someone checking my math! — redlinederby
  • I linked to the official spreadsheet at top of first post — redlinederby
  • Ca$hMoney what's up with the asterisks next to some of the names? — GhostDriver
  • We’ve been in the same tournaments. I think the double * means we’ve raced head to head; i just havent had a chance to go through the whole list. — CaShMoneyBoyS
  • Ca$hMoney Ok gotcha. — GhostDriver
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pupulesurfer 2/10/21

Just came to mind and I may have missed it somewhere. It sounds like only the top 10 cars get through (2 from each group). So:

1) There won't be 6 wildcards to fill out to an even bracket of 16 correct?

2) 10 cars means there will be 2 races (between the 4 lowest scorers?) to get the field down to 8 for an even bracket?

Thanks and look forward to how it all plays out!

  • Yes, all you said sounds accurate and what I was expecting. It's a 10-car bracket, so 2 play-ins and then full 8 to champ. I wasn't sure how the bracket would look until I got final entry count, but this'll be good fun. — redlinederby
  • Awesome! Fun is the idea! — pupulesurfer
  • But I would like to try and have the first rounds of the bracket so cars from the same group aren't racing each other, but not sure how that will work out. — redlinederby
  • Should be easy enough if you do 1v8 style bracket. But if a group is all really close they may face off in 4v5 seed. It shouldn't be too hard to swap a car around I would think. — pupulesurfer
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Coopdevil 2/11/21

This looks great! Shame I discovered diecast racing a little bit too late to have a go at this, but maybe next year.

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redlinederby 2/12/21
Site manager

Group B was a good time.

  • Ouch — RLoRacing
  • RLo I’m seeing different tracks demand slightly different weight placement. — GhostDriver
  • Yea, I’m trying to figure that out myself. It sucks when you don’t have a timer to see what works best either. — RLoRacing
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Mattman213 2/12/21

More good racing.  Will be interesting to see how each group fares in the Finals!


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SpyDude 2/12/21

Kinda figured I'd get smoked, but whatthehell, the Chevy was my first build. I'll have to tear into it when it comes back home, see if I can tweak it some more. (Hey, at least it LOOKED cool!)

Good racing, y'all.

  • You win some, you lose some...but I totally felt sorry for the little guy in the car! Silly how just adding that little fellow gave some extra personality. — redlinederby
  • as my only win i look forward to our next race and what we have both learned by then — CapperDeluxe
  • As it was my first build, I wanted to make it a “project car,” and decided on the driver pretty much at the last minute (most of the reason the windows were cracked, but that’s another story.) The Chev will be running again, probably with a new set of wheels and a little weight distribution - I don’t think I max’d out the 57g limit before I sent it in. Either way, live and learn and race. — SpyDude
  • SpyDude Once you get the bug for speed, it becomes a nice journey. You learn and adjust, and get better. There’s always a new challenge to take on. — GhostDriver
  • Not sure of you knew or not but that 55 Chevy is a color changer...or or was when it was I have it also. — Big_Mac

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