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Rust Belt Lightweight Rally Series

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Man, I'm so keen but got to see if I can find some cars first. Just picked up a bunch of junkers that I'm going through and could repurpose a couple of those I think. Will need to confirm once i get a chance to look at them closer - also waiting for some other supplies to arrive.

I found mine hahahaha 

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Uncle_Elvis 5/7/20

Holy cow at the cutting and grinding on this thing. Car #2 will be one of those 3 pack for $1 cars. 

  • I’m telling you man, everyone starting with a stock Hot Wheels is having a hard time haha — RustBeltRacing

Great concept, that is light 20gms! Wish you success, our postal service at the moment is a big fail though! Cheers

The first cars have arrived for the Lightweight Series!

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GTRguy83 5/14/20

We are the racers who say.... Nee

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Uncle_Elvis 5/15/20

Hey, found a backup in case I mess up the shaker 

  • I almost grabbed that one yesterday. What’s the weight? — RustBeltRacing
  • 20g, without the interior — Uncle_Elvis
  • Nailed it! I finding a lot of cars just need to have the interior removed to make weight. — RustBeltRacing

Voxxer Racing 

  • Ha figured he would have some sleek stripped out smoothie put together for this. I'll be sending some commuter traffic to battle that spaceship. — Mattman213
  • Wow that's a slick looking ride! — RustBeltRacing
  • Voxxers rides are always like that. I feel like they would be near impossible to pick up and put in the starting gate they are so slick LOL — Mattman213
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Mayfield41 5/19/20

Sign me up please. I will start to get them done very soon.

Can you add My Daughter Hailey also known as HAYHAY from RIVERA RACING

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dribblybob 5/31/20

Just made this at work. Working on an all metal boombox with nickel plated axles(yeah its a hell of venture) for another race and decided to see how the plastic leftovers looked. Gunna weigh it when I get home, if it weighs under 20 you can count me in.

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