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Rust Belt Lightweight Rally Series

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Mayfield41 7/4/20

Did this event happen yet or still in a holding pattern???

Results .... video ...... anything ?????

  • In a message from Rust belt channel he said that he just finished his stock race filming and the light weights were next so I'm thinking today or tomorrow and video shortly after that, just guessing from the content I the message — Mayfield41

Sorry guys I forgot to post the Lightweight race here! Thanks to Paul Gruell for the reminder!

Here's the draft from this weekend so you can see where you place.

Group A was FAST!

Group B had Mattman213 do something that's never happened before at Rust Belt Raceway Park!

  • Awesome racing, yet again! — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Mattman had a day today. Good job. — Mayfield41
  • The 20g 300c was on too hot a tune for the skinnies and track conditions HA!!!!!! I swear it finished the race on its lid too! — Mattman213
  • Why didn't my second car race? It is the color shifter Bedlam. — Secondhand_Speed
  • Never mind. Thank you for clearing it up. — Secondhand_Speed

Group C saw double vison and deja vu!

Group D was crazy fast!

Group E is the last group race! The Championship is tomorrow!

  • Wow! Great racing everyone! I am surprised I was able to beat out one of Mattman's cars. — Secondhand_Speed

And finally it's the CHAMPIONSHIP!

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