Sand Blasting

Nightstalker Tuesday, 11/24/2015

Anyone have any tips on sandblasting? I have a Harbor freight blasting gun and not sure exactly what direction to go. Other than pointing it away from me. lol, I saw someplace Baking Soda is good, Tried that but seemed to only remove tampos and rough up the paint. Anyone?


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72_Chevy_C10 11/24/15
Event coordinator

Hey Stalker,

I have a nice little benchtop glass bead machine here at work, if you need some cars stripped down. It does a nice job...and I can do them for you, if you want to send them up :)

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Just_Will 12/4/15

What is the benefit of sand blasting over paint stripping by chemical means?

I've never sandblasted anything before.

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Nightstalker 12/4/15

Time, I dip the bodies in carburetor cleaner for about a week or so. some take longer than others and some refuse to cooperate at all. Sandblasting........done deal. lol

What do you have against actual paint stripper?  That insanely nasty Aircraft stripper people like works in minutes.  I use the CitrusStrip and have had success in a few hours or a day...haven't studied how long it takes...think it works quicker, just haven't monitored.  The citrus stuff has the benefit of being more indoor friendly cause it doesn't have the fumes...still need the disposable nitrile gloves and eye protection and keep it away from kids...but then I wouldn't let my three year old near a sandblaster either :)

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redlinederby 12/4/15
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The aircraft remover has never failed me. Super fast...10 minute soak and the paint slides right off. Give it a water bath and then take a wire brush to it. Done.

Never heard of the CitrusStrip, will have to check that out.

My (very old) tutorial on how to strip a car and paint.

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CrzyTrkrDude 12/5/15

I used the citrus based stripper once, and at first didn't think it was effective.

You DEFINETLY need to use the proper protective gloves, because it WILL burn your skin. 

It is a slower process, but if given enough time, it works GREAT!  

After I realized how long it would take, I said friggit, and just spray filled a jar with the stuff, and dropped an 82 Silverado into it, and forgot about it for a couple months. 

When I found it again,  the paint was sitting on the zamac, like it was wrapped in tin foil.but didn't hurt the body at all. It darkened it, but didn't hurt it.

Clean up was easy.

Smelled better too. ALOT!!


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fordman 12/5/15

i like the aircraft stripper but i never dip / soak in it... i use a 1" strip of blister card and ladle the goo onto the car which sits on another blister card or paper plate...uses about a table spoon per body, less fumes as the bulk of the stuff stays in the can, no 1/2 used "cup o goo" hanging around waiting for your next car... my $0.02

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Nightstalker 12/7/15

First try with new compressor, 95 to 100 psi close range took spectrablue to the metal on my 68 Cougar under construction for the Redline Mod division. Oh yea, Baking soda did it. will try soon with a tougher paint.

     Sorry, no pics, concentrating on getting it done. Brain F*rt. 

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