Sanding wide track to remove the guide lines?

LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League Saturday, 3/23/2024

I've noticed several things about the crash racers curves. Eventually will upgrade to Spooheads, but in the mean time, I'm trying this out to see if or how much it will help. The deep lines in the curves causes poor exits and if a car comes in too low and hits the groove just right, it flips over. Such as Jaybo did in the latest video we put out. So I figured to grind them down lower on the entrance and nothing on the exit in an attempt to have better/smoother racing. If someone has done this, let me know if it helped or not. If not I'll pass along what I find out. The 3rd and 4th pic I took right after spraying. It is smoother now after drying and using 1000 g sand paper. 


Would Love to see how the cars run it now.

is there still a nub of the lines in middle of curve?

  • great idea — dr_dodge
  • Just enough to feel with your fingers. The exit I made as smooth as possible. I'll let ya know and try and do a video comparison when I get it set into place.. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • Awesome! Thank you, Hoping the work pays off with a Smooth transition. — Bent_Rod_Racing

Looking forward to the results! Thanks for checking this out & letting us know!

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dr_dodge 3/27/24

I was thinking of something like this
but haven't experimented yet


  • Interesting. Didn't think of an angled ridge. I may try that as well so thanks for the idea. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • I was thinking of curved exacto blade, dragged square on the top of the rib to get a consistent curve, eventually a tool if it worked, — dr_dodge
  • I'll try that as well. And if it doesn't work, I can just sand it off. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League
  • not like we don't end up with plenty of sacrificial corners, just to get the — dr_dodge
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Vulfgang 3/27/24

Track speeds also determine whether the ridges help or hinder turn navigation. In scale, the ridges are quite tall. Rolling over them at any speed is reducing stability and momentum. Each car is affected differently so the ridges contribute greatly to the unpredictability of open track racing. Every time I adjust something: adding a drop step between CR track and coroplastic, using small wedges to put angles on long straights, raise or lower the start... It affects each car differently. Bravo for experimenting with your track to the benefit of us all. 

I found some speed by Carnuba waxing track side walls and car bodies. 

  • Your right about the speed. I've done a short turn, our turn 2, and it seems to not do as mush there. The big 180s is what I can't wait to try to see how they do. Thanks for the feedback. — LRL_The_Lords_Racing_League

Update: The sanding down does help the cars exit smoother and less backend kick out on exit. I also tried using a plastic welder to melt the grooves. It resulted in leaving just enough groove to guide the cars but not to make them spin out as well. In the end, what ever method you use to lower the grooves, I think you'll see some good improvements. I will be uploading a video on our channel to show the progress and slow motion of the new corners with how the cars react to them soon. I'd put them on here but I can only upload pics. 

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