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Scrapper's Showdown - Results Posted

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Sweet!  Please count me in!  Thank you!

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GoldenOwl 5/18/21

This is going to be fun!

Driver: Grey Wizard

Team: Golden Owl


  • Looks like we got two #77's and two #13's. I wonder which ones will make it to the finals. Mwahahahaha — Kaiju_Colorado
  • I can’t wait to battle it out — GoldenOwl
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TheMakersBox 5/18/21

MakersBox Motors would like to send an entry!

Count me in, please!



  • Awesome! I was hoping some of our international builders would join in! — Kaiju_Colorado
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Mykemaze 5/18/21

The want in, Please and thanks.????

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THUNDER 5/18/21

THUNDER!! For a spot. Thanks

Would love to join.  #121 if possible.  Thanks!

Secret Tower Tuning will be there.

Please add me 



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Spirit_Of_64 5/18/21

I'll give this race a go!  Quick question:  Do you consider realistically colored skull wheels fantasy?

  • Hey Scooter! I have added you to the roster. Unfortunately, skull wheels fall under fantasy for this race. Not really within the theme that I'm looking for. — Kaiju_Colorado
  • That's perfectly fine! I thought on it some more yesterday and I want to do something different anyway. May I have #64 please? — Spirit_Of_64
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Driepe51 5/18/21

Hope I made it... if so, Doc wants in!!! 

  • You made it! Welcome back, Derek! — Kaiju_Colorado
  • Woohoo! Glad to be back and always look forward to building and sending you cars to race the rim!! — Driepe51
  • Also, I’d like to start racing under “Docs Speed Shop” instead of Reagaroo racing. If we can make that change on the roster please sir!! — Driepe51
  • Done and done! Doc's Speed Shop it is! — Kaiju_Colorado
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Uncle_Elvis 5/20/21

Throw me on a waiting list please, if someone drops out

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