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aircooled Saturday, 12/3/2016

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Is there such a thing as a seamless Hot Wheel Track.  If so any info on getting some would be great.  I understand there is blue track out there, but that isn't what I need.


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They used to sell this in 25ft, 50ft rolls. much harder to find these days. I have not seen any on eBay, or online in the last year. Might try contacting Jeremy at LJLRC... They use Seamless track.  He my have a source...

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redlinederby 12/4/16
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Yeah, best to scour eBay or just ask around if you want orange track. I got my seamless roll through the boards here. Just depends who has what.

Otherwise the Blutrack is always seamless and a good product too. 

Seamless track is nice but comes with its own special problems and concerns. 

I'd like to make some like the guys that make the seamless gutters do, only Hot Wheels track...I wonder what a roller die setup like that would cost and how fast the cars would go on aluminum...?

  • Now there is a new business model... seamless gutter and hot wheel tracks! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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redlinederby 12/7/16
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Racers over in Indonesia use aluminum track for their competitions, and they have crazy long tracks that pretty much seem to be one big curve with hardly any straight. I'd think by all rights aluminum might be faster because of less friction than plastic? Dunno.

Check out this thread from the Indonesia guys

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72_Chevy_C10 12/7/16

Personally, I think Drag Track sections are the best compromise...not too wide, easy and consistent. I use 1/8" x 6" x 6' piece of aluminum for my 'hill'...I get a nice, natural slope that way.

Just my 2 cents :)

I have been looking for the Hotwheels White Seamless track like the one I've seen Michael over at Xtreme Diecast run for his 1/4 mile.....super hard to find though......I would like it because I understand it's narrower that the orange Seamless (which I use currently). I think the Johnny Lightning would run better on a narrow track....never heard or seen this blue track that was mentioned,  but only 15 foot is a bummer....

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dr_dodge 9/29/23

I wonder what the cost of getting a die made for extruded vinyl?

would enough people want it?



found a mfgr in houston

what kind of plastic would you make it out of?

need to draw up a track profile and get a bid

  • excellent idea! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Interesting to think about as a wide track option. I've only seen extruded multi-lane tracks but a super wide extruded could be very nice and easily cut into custom lengths. — redlinederby
  • You Sir are a genius! — G_ForceRacing
  • IMHO - Investigate the LDPE or Low Density Polyethelene: — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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redlinederby 9/29/23
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My guess is it would be similar to the old BluTrack track product, which was/is a roll of wide seamless track, has 2 lanes. The material was fine but due to the extruded nature, it was very much a pain to keep flat and storage was an issue too.

Just some history there...I think it would be VERY interesting to see what could be created if the product was designed/engineered with a mind for racing first, rather than just loops and trick tracks.

The Derby Magic track is certainly a seamless extrusion too, no? Maybe it's a heavier gauge so it's less likely to wave and waffle compared to BluTrack...dunno...

  • Diecast4Life on YT uses BluTrack (if not actual brand, similar) for his outdoor track and sets it all up at a local park for each filming. Pretty rad. — FeralPatrick
  • Yeah, it's not a bad product at all, probably great for travel and pop-up racing. It just never behaved like I wanted. Plus it wasn't compatible with any of the Hot Wheels stuff I already had...that was probably more of a dealbreaker than anything. — redlinederby
  • a whole system, something that connects to other tracks, slide in track weights/guides stiffer side walls — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 9/30/23

something more like this, to start?

extra sidewall, and a lip for screws

what would be the perfect race track profile?

drawn on delta cad

 Thicken the whole thing, and solid fill around the lower connector connection
outer edge could be drilled for screws

a second style could raise a center divider for 2 lane,

but all the connectors would be the same

Requested a quote

lets see where this goes.

who would buy it?


  • I'm interested; based on final cost, of course — IdRatherDieCast
  • how long? — dr_dodge
  • ok... convinced me! nice effort Sir! — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Again, genius! — G_ForceRacing
  • lets see what this will cost, I am intrigued — dr_dodge
  • Instead of a seamless roll, you should consider 4ft semi-rigid sections. Easy to ship and easy to cut/install and join. I think semi-rigid materials would be a better solution than flexible rolls... just my humble opinion. — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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redlinederby 10/2/23
Site manager

Great designs, Doc! I'm very interested to see what they throw back at you. And props for including the Mattel-sized connector. And +1 for your option of a middle wall for a 2-lane option. Could even widen to offer 4-lane if it turns out to be an ask from people. 

My expectation of material would be similar to that of Mattel orange track rather than the hard plastic BUT maybe the harder plastic is ultimately better for stability, dunno. If nothing, I'd think Mattel plastic would be the minimum thickness.

I'm sure a long, seamless roll is possible but I see more need for it as segments like the Crash sets. If this starts to become a thing, lets poll folks to see if we could find a common set of S/M/L/XL lengths. And whatever the maximum length is before the material starts waffling could be good and then people can just cut it themselves.

  • agreed... shipping limitations should also be considered... — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • as a roll, it's 1 package and weight, this is a benefit to overseas shipping — dr_dodge
  • not 20 boxes of crash track to clear customs — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 10/2/23

Good evening all,

I am thinking 50ft+ rolls to start (shorter rolls would be a bit too tight)

special orders, well, its seamless...spec it in...

the plastic co wants to know how much my first order

So, how much track would y'all seriously buy, if the price was decent

whats reasonable price per foot?

crash track can end up $8-10 /ft, or more with shipping costs, and its short and wimpy

I am serious, and apparently the plastics co is, if who contacted me is any indicator

also need the guys making accessories to comment in here, too

a chance to make what WE want, and need

set a new standard


  • I'd be down for 2x100' — Redline_Salvage_Inc
  • got ya! — dr_dodge
  • Id be down too. something like 2x50 or 1x100 — hashaxe
  • I'd want to see an example piece before I dive into anything whole hog. I mean, we have no idea how it will look or behave...last thing I need is 100' of stuff I can't use. I'd like to think any manufacturer would offer an example before a big purchase. Just seems like good practice. — redlinederby
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TrackJack 10/4/23

I've used 8-foot lengths of vinyl soffit to make long tracks.  Each piece can lie on top of the next one.

The soffit had two bevels which made three wide tracks.  I added colored electric tape to the bevels to make the lanes stand out more.

With the bevels, the soffit cannot be rolled for storage or transport.

  • How well did your cars roll on it? — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • thats cool, I have looked at lot's of shapes of vinyl extrusions, and that drove me to get a bid on custom profile, (still waiting on the quote) — dr_dodge
  • @FredD — cars rolled really well. @dr_dodge — good thinking on the vinyl extrusion (I was thinking of doing same but too busy and glad someone else is exploring it). — TrackJack

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