Seamless Hot Wheels Track

aircooled Saturday, 12/3/2016

Is there such a thing as a seamless Hot Wheel Track.  If so any info on getting some would be great.  I understand there is blue track out there, but that isn't what I need.


They used to sell this in 25ft, 50ft rolls. much harder to find these days. I have not seen any on eBay, or online in the last year. Might try contacting Jeremy at LJLRC... They use Seamless track.  He my have a source...

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redlinederby 12/4/16
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Yeah, best to scour eBay or just ask around if you want orange track. I got my seamless roll through the boards here. Just depends who has what.

Otherwise the Blutrack is always seamless and a good product too. 

Seamless track is nice but comes with its own special problems and concerns. 

I'd like to make some like the guys that make the seamless gutters do, only Hot Wheels track...I wonder what a roller die setup like that would cost and how fast the cars would go on aluminum...?

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redlinederby 12/7/16
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Racers over in Indonesia use aluminum track for their competitions, and they have crazy long tracks that pretty much seem to be one big curve with hardly any straight. I'd think by all rights aluminum might be faster because of less friction than plastic? Dunno.

Check out this thread from the Indonesia guys

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72_Chevy_C10 12/7/16
Event coordinator

Personally, I think Drag Track sections are the best compromise...not too wide, easy and consistent. I use 1/8" x 6" x 6' piece of aluminum for my 'hill'...I get a nice, natural slope that way.

Just my 2 cents :)

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