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Season 12 Teams, captains claim your spots

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Stroller 3/1/13

I nhave a really dumb newbie question. What teams are we talking about and what do the captains do?

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K_Harvest 3/1/13

How does this work. I would like to get involved.

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redlinederby 3/1/13
Site manager

Sorry for not explaining more earlier, made some assumptions I shouldn't have. Here's a quick rundown on teams...

Individual players of the Fantasy League make picks each week in tournaments and get points for the ones they get correct.

Fantasy League teams are made up of 4 individual players, including a captain. For each tournament, each team member's score is used to get a team total and then teams are ranked based on normal win-loss record. A captain's role is managing the team, swapping out players to try and assemble the best racers. Being a good captain is about paying attention to player stats and patterns.

Teams, like players, is about getting the most points (or best record), and the team that has the best record at the end of the season will be deemed champions. Members of the team will then earn achievements and the rewards associated with them.

Obviously there are more rules and limits involved, of which I still need to publish on the site as "official" - and some of the team stuff is still getting built (soon to be added to the game). So teams is a pretty basic and is just another aspect being added to the Fantasy League game to make things more interesting.

Prior to this year, team play and stats was organized by Redline member SeattleGreyy and managed here in the forums. You can see how things were run in the various threads over there. Good stuff and I hope we can all make team play as exciting this year as it was in the past.

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redlinederby 3/1/13
Site manager

Should also mention that the team names are already set. We're going to continue to use the team names that were established last year when everything started. So if you're a new captain, you'll be assigned a team and get notified prior to the season starting.

Also, if you have a different name in the Fantasy League than you do here in the forum, please post it so I can find you in the game.

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SSLS6 3/3/13

I never really figured out how to boot players/sign new ones etc., but maybe I can for season 12 . I was the captain of the Stutz Blackhawks, I think

If nominated I will not run, If elected I will not serve.

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redlinederby 3/3/13
Site manager

@SSL - Prior to this year the team trading was all handled by PMs here in the forum so sometimes requests could have fallen through the cracks. Things still require a human touch this year but the requests are all done in-game rather than through the message board.

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K_Harvest 3/3/13

Where do i sign

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redlinederby 3/5/13
Site manager

Here's what the Team picture looks like right now. And just a note that I will be vacating my position as a team captain this year. I figure a) I have enough to worry about and b) a captain that is also acting commissioner is not a good policy.

Those of you that were captains last year will retain your teams and roster. New captains will be given a team with last year's roster intact as well. All captains will be able to request trades after the season starts.

Pontiac Firebirds
Worpex (C)
GSR Microracing

Studebaker Larks
McJiggles9 (C)
Fully Loaded

AMC Javelins
EconoCarl (C)
HW Fanatic
HW Track

Stutz Bearcats
Clifford shaw
Lil Grabber

Hudson Hornets
- vacant - (C)

Nash Ramblers
Fastest of the Fastest (C) - replacing Redline Derby

Plymouth Valiants
kharvest (C) - replacing Atlcelica unless they claim their spot
AMH 412

Mercury Cougars
newman39 (C) - previous year captain, will be replaced if not claimed
Dominic Lim
handy man

*For any non-captain vacancies, I will select the highest ranked free agent player to fill the slot.

Please double check those assignments and let me know if anyone sees any problems. Please don't make any trade requests yet. I should have all the team manager tools in place before the first races are even seeded, so captains can make all the swaps they want prior to the first tournaments.

Right now, I plan to have player trading be first-come, first-served with the caveat that I will be approving them and there's always a chance that your request could get denied (although I can't think of any reason why that would happen).

And even though we're still in pre-season planning, captains can check out the player career stats:

Please note that the season rankings are pre-season so they're just listing players alphabetically. The telling stats are more so the average points per tournament and win record.

I'll be writing out more official rules and regulations very soon but they shouldn't stray far from the rules of past seasons.

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redlinederby 3/7/13
Site manager

Just updated the list above. Nightstalker passed on being a captain and has been added to the Larks roster.

So the Cougars and the Hornets are available to anyone else that wants to be a captain. If no one claims a spot, one will be chosen.


Coby is willing to be the Cougars captain again (Newman39). Now, how to get me traded over there to keep the family together

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FOTF 3/16/13

Nash Ramblers--cool name! I'll have to find out what a Nash Rambler is.

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