Season 13 opens June 23, updates

redlinederby Sunday, 6/16/2013
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The next season of Fantasy League racing opens next weekend on Sunday, June 23 with the first results getting posted the following Sunday. Mark your calendars and remember that all times shown are Eastern Time so you will have to adjust for your time zone.

I'm happy to welcome back Diecast X Magazine again as the season sponsor and as such the grand prize again will be a one-year subscription to Diecast X magazine. The player with the most points at the end of the season will win the grand prize. Please visit

Also back on board is Tom's Diecast Cars which will providing great collector diecast prizes throughout the season, so look for the tournaments marked "prize" for a chance to win those. Please visit

We'll also be returning to a few circuit tracks this season so pay attention to the schedule and don't forget to research your cars accordingly. Every track is different!

Season schedule so far:

The only noticeable change this season is the addition of a "Release car" option that you'll notice next to any cars you have your garage. Releasing a car will credit you some game credits while putting the car back in general population. Use this feature if you're not that interested in having exclusive entry rights to a car and just want to unlock it for the greater good.

Also, cars from Season 12 have been released back into the collection and are all available to unlock for 3000 credits...and don't forget to use your credits to unlock cars! Then enter those cars in tournaments to give you an edge over the others. Remember, entered cars earn bonus points for a win and only players that enter cars can win prizes.

(Brand new cars will be added this week, so stay tuned)

All the scores and ranks have been reset for the new season so it's a level playing field once again. Good luck and happy racing!

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