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Shagging wagons

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I´d really love to join this one as well. Will pack all cars together in one shipment then.

Team name: BADD (Born Again Diecast Dragracer ;-))

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Numbskull 4/21/22

This sounds awesome, count me in please.

-Numbskull Racing.

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SpyDude 4/21/22

SpyDude, Aces High Racing, Arizona, checking in.

Question: can the body be modified in any way besides paint?

  • Yes you can modify body alittle. Don't go crazy — Douglas
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Uncle_Elvis 4/21/22

Already said I was in over in FB group, but just to be sure--Put me in

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MrDarq 4/23/22

In please

Can I play, too?

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CrazyEights 4/24/22

I'm game.

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Crazy_Canuck 4/25/22

Put me on the list boss

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CptnZedx1a 4/26/22

     I would like to submit an entry. There is a wagon in my collection crying out to be rebuilt.

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Rusty_Rod 4/27/22

Sign me up :-) and message me a shipping address,thanks 

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Sneaky_Bob 4/27/22

I would like a spot for this one please.

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GoldenOwl 4/27/22

Count me in!

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