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Shagging wagons

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Bolo_Brown 4/28/22

I am in this 

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PuffsRacing 6/3/22

Can I send 1 in

Is there still an opening? Iron Beard Customs would like to join. 

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Sam_Haul 6/22/22

Sam Haul, Team DRT3K, if still open, please!

Still room for me to get in?

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Uncle_Elvis 6/23/22

Dropped in the mail today

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WallyChamp73 6/24/22

Can  N.J Drive Racing join in?!?!

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MagicMike 6/26/22

Wagons?!?! Hell yeah I'm in!



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NDeavers80 6/27/22

I want in please

Shipping out this week...

Any entry fee?

  • No but you are required to provide return shipping if you want car back. If not then nothing — Douglas
  • Perfect! Well count me in! — TinyTrackCars

Will be ready to mail in my wagon soon. Just need an address please. 

  • Sent email with address — Douglas

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