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Shagging wagons

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johnson9195 7/2/22

Is there still space to enter?

I'd like in, if possible.

Count me in!

Let me know if I am in, so I can start building!


I'd like in, if there's still room.

Still room in this one?

  • Good luck your in — Douglas
  • Sorry I missed the deadline to have the car in. Have fun everyone! — Finkle_and_Sons

Any space left for a Variat SkunkWorks entry?

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RaSungod 7/22/22

Ra Sungod would like a shot a Station Wagon Glory!

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Crazy_Canuck 7/23/22

The grocery getter is ready...however I just found another one that I'm reconsidering what to

I can't believe I'm just seeing this and none of my Diecast "friends" told me about it.  If there's room, I'd love to build for this.

Commented earlier with a question... but just confirming here too, I'm in!!

how many are you taking? Current roster?

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Marco_Polo 8/9/22

Polo Racing working on a wagon right now, still space available?

  • Yes their is. Your in email for shipping address — Douglas

I'm in if you still have room!

  • Sure no prob at all. Glad to have you good luck — Douglas

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