Share your Hot Wheels ID car speeds

WorpeX Saturday, 7/20/2019

Lets do what these cars were meant to do! Hook up your portal and send them cars down. Post the speeds of your ID cars achieve here!

Here is my first run. I did all 10 and eliminated the bottom 4 after 2 attempts. After the 3rd run, I let the top 3 race again.

I think I can improve these speeds. I added some extensions to the track so it was a longer run then my standard layout. Still, it was a lot of fun. Interested to see what results everyone else get!


Good on Ya WorpeX....Fun Stuff!!!!

Looking forward to the data dump!!!

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Kevblokey 7/21/19

Interesting reading WorpeX

I’ll be chucking mine down the track shortly, so watch this space...

I'm buying the Charger and drilling it....slapping an FTE package on it....chip...schmit....I'll make it fast....who knows maybe you can Mod these and keep the chip stuff intact???? think of that....keeping track of our Mods....

  • The Lambo I got is pretty speed out of the box, gotta say. I was impressed. It's light though, so get your weights ready. — redlinederby
  • I'm going to start looking for a twin mill with metal (or chrome) engines and swap out the ones in the ID casting. They're so ugly they ruin an otherwise gorgeous car! Maybe FTEs too... might as well at that point, right? — WorpeX
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