Share your RLD jig photos

redlinederby Monday, 1/4/2021
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If you have a RLD axle alignment jig, would you mind sharing a photo?

I'm looking for "in the wild" photos of the jig for some marketing/design ideas I'm working through. So if there's a jig on your workbench or that currently has an in-progress car sitting on top, that'd be great. Doesn't have to be pro shots or anything like that.

And if you have anything to say about the jig, like a testimonial type thing, please share and your quote might get used in the materials as well.

Just include your photo in a comment or you can email them to too.


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Mattman213 1/4/21

Ive got a couple, I dont take too many pictures of this part of the process anymore.  I will try to remember to do so on my upcoming builds.


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RLoRacing 1/6/21

Getting my T-Bird ready with a wheel swap for the IDR Sock Hop Slam

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RLoRacing 1/6/21

Part II: It's Turbo Time

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