Silverback Racing Invitational (Rust Belt Raceway)

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Race review


Rust Belt Diecast Racing and Silverback Racing proudly present a 32 car diecast tournament from Tiki Tommy's Jungle Jump at Rust Belt Raceway Park hosted by legendary jungle racer Ripper Jones!
Deep within the darkest recesses of the jungle lies a place the natives call Kifo Kuruka, "The Death Jump". For generations, the Hutweeli people have come to this hidden racetrack to wage war. The jump has acted as a proving ground where boys become men and men lose their lives. Some years ago, a racer by the name of Tomika invited outsiders into this sacred place. Since then, the best racers in the world have braved the harsh jungle conditions with one goal in mind; to tame Tiki Tommy’s Jungle Jump.

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