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redlinederby 3/8/12
Site manager

I can look at adding back the Members option. With the new toolbar I had to remove some things and found that the members list was little used. Doesn't it mean it wasn't used at all, just not a popular page. Sorry for the trouble...growing pains

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model40fan 3/8/12

no problem brian, the boys have staightened me out...

is the user icon the same thing as an avitar

Yes, it's your personalize photo/image.

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JDC442 3/8/12

I like what I'm seeing so far Brian. I know there's a lot more to come as well. I'm a visual kinda guy and love when I get to see lots of pictures (can't get enough of those beautiful cars and the graphics expressing their ultimate coolness).
The "Latest" button is very convenient too.

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EconoCarl 3/8/12

Agree, the "latest" button is now one of my favorites!

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JDC442 3/9/12

Sweet avatar Carl. Love the two-tone paint and FTEs on that 300.

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