Site update: Members section and more

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/22/2020
Site manager

There was one thing missing from the last web site update a couple weeks ago...a Member Directory!

We launched the win stat tracker for member profiles, which was a nice to see and long overdue, but even longer overdue was just an easy place to go to lookup your fellow racers.

Please direct your eyes above to the Members link in the main menu. Go there and you'll get an overview of top racers, recent winners, a short list of new members, and a directory search so you can find your friends.

I expect the new Members section to expand and evolve over time but for now this should get folks pretty far.

Other updates include:

  • Your personal Topic and Event history lists are now available from your account menu. Go there when you're looking for one of your old posts instead of searching.
  • Quick Results Reporting is now an option when you click to create a new topic. Use this when you just need to quickly report the final results for a race that has already been completed. This should make it easier for clubs to hand out wins to members after the fact.
  • And safe to say there were many little bugs and other things that were fixed and adjusted.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. If you have any problems using the site or any of its features, please post or PM or let someone know so we can investigate.

Thanks for your continued support. Happy racing!

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