Web site update; new calendar, racer stats

redlinederby Thursday, 7/9/2020
Site manager

The web site got a minor update today. Here's a quick rundown of changes.

  • Race calendar redesigned to equally feature more races
  • Member profile pages redesigned and now shows your win stats
  • Member profile options include non-US country locations (thanks sven8)
  • New race event archive that shows all past events

Most of these are cosmetic changes and shouldn't impact any other functionality throughout the site. However, if something doesn't seem to be working correctly or you're having trouble with anything, please send a PM or email.

And if you have any ideas or thoughts on what can make life here at Redline Derby more fun, informative, and interesting, please share your ideas. I appreciate and consider all feedback when building and updating the web site. This web site is for YOU so let me know what can make it better.

As always, thanks for your support. Happy racing!


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Mattman213 7/9/20

Good work!  I like the stats portion thats really cool!


  • Thanks, been a long time coming. The win tracking was added a while ago but need to take some time to build up numbers for folks to make the profile change worth while. — redlinederby
  • Yeah thats very awesome. Now I just gotta figure out how to see L&M's stats...that team has been doing really well! — Mattman213
  • It's my plan that the next site update will include a member directory or something that will make it easier to lookup other racers, etc. — redlinederby
  • THAT would be really cool! Be able to see everyones stats — Mattman213
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redlinederby 7/9/20
Site manager

Speaking of stats...if you see on your profile page that you're "missing" some wins or there are races in the calendar archive where you know you placed in the Top 5...let the host of that race know.

Race hosts (or whoever made the post) should be able to go into any of their past race posts and add the Top 5 finishers (and here's how). Those wins will then show up on your profile. 

I'm trying to think up ways to make reporting race wins easier for hosts, so if you have ideas, please share them. We can't quite automate the process but I want to make it easy & quick as possible.

  • Might be obvious but probably worth noting that the stat tracking is NOT limited to just RLD races. Any event posted on the site qualifies. — redlinederby
  • Is wins round wins or event wins ... I won my first round race in the light weight series.. hoping to get some more as these are tough. — Mayfield41
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redlinederby 7/9/20
Site manager

Mayfield brings up a good question which is essentially, "what's a win?" and how is it tracked in your profile. I'll do my best to explain, but in short, it's up to the host on how they manage their race topics.

Every race topic can be given race results for the Top 5 finishers. The host enters the member name for each position and that's it. If your name is in that Top 5, you'll get a stat accordingly (win/podium/top 5).

How the host uses that topic and handles results is entirely up to them. For a single race, it's pretty straight forward. There's a topic, you report the Top 5, you're done. Winner of the event is obvious.

For a series that is made up of several races, it could be a little different. The race organizer has 2 choices: 1) They can just report results for the series as a whole (the final winners), so no round wins. Or 2) they could have winners for each stage/round of the series AND the winner of the overall series. To do this, the host would have to make a separate topic for EACH STAGE in the series. 

A great example of all this would be the RLD Nationals from earlier this year. LoS made a topic for each stage/track and then reported results for each one. And then there was a topic for the series as a whole with the final Top 5. So members got a stat if the were in Top 5 of a stage and if they were in Top 5 for the whole series.

In outline it would look like below where each bullet would need its own topic and finishers.

  • RLD Nationals Series
    • Stage 1
    • Stage 2
    • Stage 3
    • Stage 4
    • Stage 5
    • Stage 6

All that I said there makes this sound far more complicated than it is. Just think of it as a child-parent relationship and each child gets a Top 5 and then the parent gets a Top 5 at the end.

So.......if you think you are missing stats, send a PM to the person that was hosting the race and created the topic. I would not ask people to go back and make new topics for old races/stages, but there are many races on the calendar for this year that didn't get any Top 5 results reported, and it's very easy to add those even now.

And before I get a bunch of messages and mails asking "where's my win," let me also say that I (Brian) do not and will not go in and add Top 5 for any races I didn't run myself. Redline Derby doesn't oversee any races and thus doesn't have results or details into any given race hosted by someone else. Please contact the race hosts about getting your stats added for a race. I will certainly help and teach people how to submit results, but it's ultimately up to each host to manage.

Bravo...nice... very nice.

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Go_Time 7/11/20

This is AWESOME!!!!  I don't  know what kind of wizardry you used to do this but great job.

  • Well, I can make the platform but all of you make it great. Encourage race hosts to report results and this thing can keep growing. — redlinederby
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madmax 7/13/20

I am very impressed.

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