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Slanman Customs opens retail store in Kansas

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RC_Attucks 5/13/24

East coast need one... When you're ready.

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Chaos_Canyon 5/13/24

Good for you man. Hope it's massively successful for you!

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JBlotner42 5/13/24

Congrats!! Your going to do great!!

I am also about 2 1\2 HR from you one way. Might have to make the road trip if you get any start and finish lines made. ;)

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dr_dodge 5/13/24

congrats!  Keep us posted!

The store looks great!


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Tony_Savage 5/15/24

Best of luck. You do great work.  This should be a great success!!

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Vulfgang 5/17/24

Wow Slanman you look like a normal dude. Congrats on the shop! I'm putting together a order soon and spreading the word.

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MrDarq 5/18/24

Just made it in. Ready to race tomorrow. 

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Stickdog 5/18/24

Congratulations Sir! A bit far for me but if I'm ever in the neighborhood I'll definitely stop and drop some dollars. Wishing you great success!

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CraigsterSr 5/18/24

Huge Congrats on the 'New Digs' Erik! The place looks amazing already, and I hope you enjoy continued success. 

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