Slanman Customs opens retail store in Kansas

redlinederby Sunday, 5/12/2024
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It's the big time for our friend Erik Slan at Slanman Customs. He's been supplying us with great track accessories for years but he's taken the next step and opened a retail store in Topeka, Kansas, here's the map.

If you're near Topeka or just passing through, be sure to stop by and check out the offerings...tell 'em RLD sent ya! He's got tons of diecast, obviously, but also slot cars, a downhill track, and drag strip...and certainly more to come.  The opening even made the local news.

Congratulations to Erik and best of luck in his venture!

More to come...


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Phil_NWA1 5/12/24

If it wasn't for the 4,209 miles (one way) I would definitely call in, just want to say best of luck with your new venture Slanman

Congratulations and best of luck, Erik.

That is so cool! Unforutunately no diecast stores in my area. Congrats!

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Banjo 5/12/24

  Congratulations on your grand opening!

I'll be ordering some track from you soon. 

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StrayDog 5/12/24

Congrats Slanman!

Congratulations Slanman!

Congrats Erik Slan! If I make it to Topeka I'll be sure to stop in!

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Numbskull 5/12/24


Now we need to see pictures of ALL the people!!   "If your build it......they will come."

Congratulations Eric:

I'm excited to see this.. Your shop is 2-1/2 hour drive for me.. I will be planning a road trip soon for sure..

it would be pretty cool to have a group of RLD racers there..

  • If you go let me know. Ill work it out with the wife to also go. — JBlotner42

All the best wishes to you with this brick & mortar store.   I love my Slanman timer!

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Slanman 5/13/24

Thanks everyone! It's been a blast so far. We are planning the first race on May 18th with people traveling from all surrounding states! So if you are within a few hours, it will be worth a trip!

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