Sloppy Transfer...2-lane orange track transfer

model40fan Sunday, 11/16/2014

Got some steel strips sheared to a size that will slide down the track's connector slots fairly smoothly, [2] 11" steel strips, [2] 5" anchors, [4] flat washers as spacers and a welder ;

Some Sloppy green paint, note I left room for your connectors ;

you carefully bend to your track's angle ;

17" transfer, drill [2] anchor holes in the center or velcro them for easy breakdown...


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redlinederby 11/17/14
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How easily does the metal you use bend? What would your suggestion be bend these without any special tools? 

Could I bend them over something like a bucket with just my weight as the force, or would I need something stronger?

  • between your fingers and thumbs will do the trick ! 16 Ga., about 1/16" — model40fan
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model40fan 2/6/15

mayberryman, would one of these help you transfer from the angle plank to the runout plank ? they anchor onto each plank... LMK

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model40fan 2/24/15

Big Boss Man needed a 4 lane transfer for his new track build-up...

bingo !

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redlinederby 2/26/15
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Just wanted to comment on the 4-lane transfer (above) that Smitty made for's great! Orange track slides on easily but is plenty snug to not have to worry. I screwed the transfer to my track board so it ain't going nowhere. Plus the steel is stiff enough that you don't have to do a full bend between the hill and the straight, it'll hold up without any give or serious wobble.


If you have an orange track setup and the transition is a point of worry like it was for me, the Sloppy Transfer does the trick. PM Smitty if you're interested and get one on order.

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model40fan 3/11/15

Took a little time to make a "Dual lane Sloppy Transfer" for Stawka... 9 minutes [figure he's worth it] ...

Bottoms up ;

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