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AbbyNormal Friday, 6/7/2024

As I settle into a new pastime (collecting and racing Hot Wheels) I'm usually

looking for specific types of cars but will also just pick up what catches my eye. So I grabbed this Solar Reflex for the heck of it. Turns out to be one of the fastest cars on my track - super stable and smokin' setting some of the fastest runs on my track. I'd certainly like to see that performance in the Lamborghini or Porche 911 or 918 or even in my TR6. 

I've painted and gussied up the car - we'll see where it gets sent.

And this weird "casting" is all plastic .... what is your experience with your fastest cars?


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GspeedR 6/7/24

Good rolling cars are often where you'd least expect them. I've found many quick cars by word of mouth via "the community"(that's you). Then YouTubers have revealed some too. But the one car that stands out that I discovered 'on my own' is the 1985 Matchbox Haley's Comet Chevy Stocker. It's a square, boxy, full metal car with a short wheelbase and large Starburst wheels. It was fast out of the package on my track, so I entered it the 2013 Redline National League race hosted by WorpeX. Much to my surprise, it went undefeated throughout the tournament, losing only 1 heat in the finals. It has earned a special spot in my race case.

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Fat_Dad 6/7/24

So true. I once had a white Hummer EV do something similar for me. It was smoking all kinds of fast cars. 

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Vulfgang 6/7/24

The Solar Reflex looked like it might be fast but it's ugly. If it's all plastic and has some speed, weigh it down. You can learn to like any fast car. I have a very ugly Side Kick that is fast and quick. Look for cars with raised front ends and long wide wheel bases. They get off the start first on start gates the drop down. Liken the Euro roadsters!

Ahhhh... the elatement and joy from finding a fast car fresh out of the package is a such a good feeling.

I bought 2 new in package Buick Wildcats for 5 bucks on Ebay earlier this year. One blueish/teal color and one was black with an orange flame. The average time for an unlubed car on my track is about 12 seconds.... the blue Wildcat hit 10.8 and I was stunned. Then i ran the black one and it hit 10.4 several times in a row. I think I started tearing up... the black one is racing now at Gryphon Soul Diecast.

My fastest stock/unlubed car is a 2002 Matchbox Across America series '56 Ford Pickup (that one is known to be fast)I had it in the package, but I had to open it to see if it was fast. You bet! It also happens to be the car for my state in the series.

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Wbdg_8 6/22/24

I'm testing Camaro, Indy style, muscle cars, and pickup trucks. I want my twin daughters to get into it. So we will be painting and modifying first. 

  • Awesome variety for testing! Also, stripping the tampos from the Camaro & Chevelle, the right waterslide decals will really make them your own! — Chris_Hood
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