Speed Test: Hotwheels ID vs FTE

WorpeX Saturday, 6/22/2019

Picked up a few Hotwheels ID cars. They look AWESOME! Totally worth buying just for that reason alone. That said, how fast are they and what kind of axels do they have?



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WorpeX 6/24/19

Ya know, i'm really starting to wonder why I bother posting content to RLD. My posts just seem to get ignored. I would appreciate any comments... even negative critisim saying my videos are horrible.

  • I only saw your post this morning but will be checking the video out tonight when I get home from work. Really keen to see how these go — RobertBcfc
  • Great vid, definitely a good illustration. The cars look fantastic - cheapest I’ve seen them though for UK collectors is £17.50 (about $23) on eBay so I might hold off for now. They are tempting though just for the looks, and I guess getting to within a car length of a decent looking FTE like that they might make good mid-rangers pace wise — RobertBcfc
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LeagueofSpeed 6/24/19
Event coordinator

Your videos  are not horrible and that was interesting...as I thought they would have gone with nickel platted since they're already producing color shifters.

  • Wait, color shifters have nickel platted axels? The iD cars do have pretty good wheels, they seem to be a step up from Mainlines. My test was a bit unfair as I did race them against my fastest FTE also. Someone on Reddit asked if I could do a video with a larger sample size. — WorpeX
  • Yes...Color Shifters have nickel platted axels...so they don't rust primarily — LeagueofSpeed
  • Interesting.... it doesn't seem to translate to speed as well as the FTEs. Only bought 2 color shifters though... — WorpeX
  • The Mitsubishi Evo Color Shifter is a quick one, and the 16 angels isn’t bad either from my experience. Not world beaters but both go well — RobertBcfc

Peak Time Racing ran all available cars head to head and the fastest was the Arachnorod Racer. 

I'm guessing many rides with varied wheels would be faster since the Arachnorod is not typically among the short list in the racing write-ups.

His very recent video on YouTube shows his HW is race.

  • Do you have a link? — WorpeX

I figured the Aston or the Mercedes would be the fastest of the four, licensed, castings. Wonder how the Corvette does.

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WorpeX 6/25/19


Found the video Nightmare referenced. Nice short track racing. Arachnorod definitely won but it does seem there is some lane favoritism there. Both cars won from the same lane.

Race 1:

1st Arachnorod

2nd Howlin Heat

3rd Corvette

4th AMG

Race 2

1st AM One-77

2nd Stegasaurus thing

3rd Shark thing

4th Viper

  • Sorry brother, it was an early night last night and a super long day at work. Glad you found it. The Peak Time guy is not a hard core racer and his track is a bit short, but the guy scores big on the exotics and cutting edge stuff like all of the id cars. In the vid, its clear that the winner car was best in transition and on the flat. It was definitely good to see if you're trying to seek out the fastest id rides for your collection. — Your_Nightmare
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