Speed Test: New Models Tournament!

WorpeX Monday, 7/1/2019

So which "New Models" are worth taking to your track? In this video, I take 16 new models from the last 3 years to battle it out and crown the fastest of them all. Most of these cars are available now, lets see which ones are worth investing in!



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LeagueofSpeed 7/1/19
Event coordinator

The white/brown Rally Cat was dominant for a good two years straight outta the blister 

  • Nice, i'll have to look for that! — WorpeX
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RobertBcfc 7/2/19

Great video - Id got the 50th anniversary HW50 but just picked up the black one.

I have a green Rally Cat from this era but it’s a struggle.  Will look out for the one mentioned for sure.

I have both variations of the HW50 CONCEPT and the Rocket League variation of the Gazella GT.

  • Theres a new variation out now, the Red Edition from target. Looks cool! — WorpeX
  • I like the Gazella, have the silver and gold recent castings. The gold one is much faster, generally gets through a few rounds of my tournaments — RobertBcfc

The Mercedes AMG from the current, Car Culture Open Track series, has been a real peg warmer around these parts. With a wheel swap, I wonder how it would stack up given it’s metal/metal configuration.

  • That was actually the reason I bought this AMG in the first place, I was going to use it as a wheel swap for the car culture. I've since changed my mind, think i'll wait for the yellow variant as the wheels will match better! — WorpeX
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